10 Reasons Why You Should Not Be Dating and Should Remain Being Single

For many people being single for any length of time is a fate worse than death.

They feel “less than”. Outcasts. Miserable.

But hold on! One of the reasons our divorce rate is over 50% is because people jump too soon into relationships and marriage. Before they are truly ready.

Below are David Essel’s “Top 10 reasons why you should stay single”, until you’ve been able to work through these issues.

1) “If you can’t handle me at my worst, YOU DO NOT DESERVE ME AT MY BEST.” People who say this are basically saying, “I am a basket case in love, and I want to do whatever I desire…and your role is to just take it.” Entitlement, at it’s worst. Stay single until you remove this nonsense from your belief systems.”

2) Anger at past lover…”If you’re still angry at a past love, who cheated, or dumped you, do not date until you have resolved this. It will come out at your next lovers as distrust, resentments etc. Clean up your past first. ”

3) Out of long term relationship or marriage less than 12 months. ” Take time to heal. Take time to look at your role in the failure of the relationship before you date. ”

4) Looking for your better half? “Do not date if you are looking for your better half, or someone to complete you. Learn how to be enough, as you are.”

5) Believe men are all dogs or women are self centered. “Past negative beliefs will destroy any future love.”

6) Want to date because your tired of being alone. “This is huge! Get comfortable entertaining yourself, or the next person will surely let you down…again.”

7) Tired of raising kids by yourself. “I hear this in my counseling/coaching practice every week. When you are looking for help like this, hire a nanny.”

8) Want someone to take care of your financial stress. “99% of relationships like this end in chaos and drama, resentments on both sides.”

9) Because your friends and family say you are the greatest catch in the world. “This does not mean you are ready to date! Clear up your past first.”

10) All of your friends are in relationships. “This screams insecurity, a terrible reason to date.”

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