THE BIG LIE: How the Frequent Use of and Dependency on Alcohol is Ruining the Lives of Millions of Americans…and Why We Don’t Want to Talk About It

Failed marriages and relationships, lost income, stalled careers, health problems, legal issues, single parent homes, DUI, custody battles, poor productivity in the workplace. From the presidents of Fortune 500 companies to high school students, the aforementioned challenges affect millions of Americans every year. And, many of these problems can be directly related to the use and dependency on alcohol.

During this presentation, David will outline his own battle with addiction that parallels the lives of others he has worked with, and outline a simple yet profound solution to this gut wrenching problem. Like many others, David hid his personal challenges for over 25 years before he had to face his own disease that had been covered with guilt and shame…and an inner knowingness that there had to be some path available to a happier life. There is.

A perfect presentation for executives, sales teams, elementary, high school and college students as well as any organization who desires a stronger and more educated group of associates.

“If you’re looking for a way to help motivate and inspire your associates to reach for higher goals and then achieve them, David’s vast experience, inspirational style, and approachability can help you accomplish this today.”    ~Lee Witt, Boeing