Angel on a Surfboard Gift Set
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Here’s what Christina Rasmussen, author of the best-selling book “Second Firsts
had to say about David’s eighth book, Angel on a Surfboard:

“Spiritual but practical.  A divine journey into the heart like never before.
David is a master of words in this beautiful and truly captivating story of love.”

Angel on a Surfboard by David Essel

Now is the time to act!  Get the gift of love by working with David one-on-one on any goal that you have in life, then give the gift of love, with this compelling and inspirational story about love in his new book, set in the Hawaiian Islands.

“If you are seeking answers about love, “Angel on a Surfboard” brings you to them in this beautifully crafted and imaginative narrative.”
~Marala Scott, Bestselling Author & Oprah’s Ambassador of Hope

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