Author Achieves #1 Best Selling Book Status on – Rock Star

Rock Star: Finding God’s Purpose For Your Life…Author Achieves #1 Best Selling Book Status on

Rock Star

Fort Myers, FL – August 9th, 2016 – David Essel, nine-time Author, master life coach and national radio host achieves best-selling status on with his book, “Rock Star: Finding God’s Purpose for Your Life”

“David Essel’s destiny is to help you become more alive in every area of your life.” -Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

David Essel’s book, “Rock Star: Finding God’s Purpose for Your Life” today achieved #1 best-selling status on in the categories of Self-Help/Happiness

This book will inspire people of all ages to finally experience the life they’ve always dreamed of.

David Essel asks “Did you know that there is a path, available right now that can lead you to your purpose in life? This new path can open doors, those very same doors that may have seemed to be closed tight right up until the very moment that you picked up this book?”

“Many people struggle with their life’s purpose. David Essel’s terrific book Rock Star shows both young and old alike that they do indeed have a purpose. Better yet, he provides some simple questions at the back of the book that will help lead people to their own special divine purpose. The story itself is well crafted and I loved the surprise ending. It’s a quick read and as a parent, it makes a wonderful book to read to your kids and/or grandkids.” Amazon Review by Lee Witt

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David Essel. M.S., is a Master Teacher, Author, Storyteller, Radio/TV Host, Little Kid in a Man’s Body, Adjunct Professor, Seeker, Finder, Addiction Recovery Coach, Inspirational Speaker and All Faiths Minister who marvels at the beauty of life…the life that God has blessed him with. To find out more visit

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