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Co-dependent men, in relationships

YES, there are millions of men right now who are major co-dependents in love relationships. The saviors, the healers, the white knights and more! Read this letter from a client, love, david ” ~~~ Men as codependents in relationships~~~~~ I allow David to repost this…… Three years ago I heard about David’s coaching work a […]

Be different! Be a Purple Cow!

Let’s make out lives even better than it is today, let’s become purple cows! Listen to this 60 second Motivational Minute radio spot! love, david http://www.spreaker.com/user/davidessel/motivational-minute-purple-cow

Cocaine, God and me.

Many of us have overcome huge addictions in life, and in return we need to be the example so others can see it is possible. Watch the short video here, ask for help. love, david