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Divorce: Survive, Heal, Thrive

This presentation will free individuals from their guilt and long held pain and allow them to access a new sense of personal power. Even with the rate of divorce so high in this country, many people still have not considered all the options available to help them to survive, heal, and then thrive in life […]

Phoenix Soul

One man’s search for love and inner pace. A discussion on David’s life philosophy regarding love and inner peace with readings from his popular book, as well as insight on how this book came to life. “Highest rated speaker in the history of our convention.”   ~International Exhibitors Association

Overcoming Obstacles to Health and Fitness Goals

A detailed look at both the mental and physical keys to health and fitness. Individuals from all walks of life, even those in the fitness industry, need to follow these keys to overcome the inevitable plateaus that occur when we are trying to finally get and maintain the body we have always wanted. “Excellent material […]

New Presentations on SPIRITUALITY

This is a list of just a few of David’s lectures on spirituality. He can create a lecture to fit your individual needs as well. How to Experience and Share God Every Day Forgiveness: The True Way to Love, Energy and Service Turning to God: When, Where and How The Power of Faith During Challenging […]