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Healing Stories: Struggling “I was so lost…”

Healing stories, “I was so lost…”   Millions of Americans wake up every day lost in life. Maybe they’re struggling with money. They’re in a relationship they can’t fix. They’re overweight, struggling with not only health issues but with self-esteem. Or maybe they’re struggling with addiction. The bottom line is… Millions of Americans are lost […]

Healing Stories: A 240 Pound Weight Loss?

Healing Stories: A 240 Pound Weight Loss? Imagine this. You’re 240 pounds overweight… and suffering. Mentally. Physically. And maybe even spiritually. You know you have to do something about your situation but where do you begin? Go to the gym? Are you kidding me? Looking like this? You know the long-term consequences are terrible. Every […]

Healing Stories: From Alcoholism to Full Sobriety

Healing Stories: Is Sobriety for Everyone? Once an alcoholic always an alcoholic. Statements like these are a 100% fabrication of the truth. For the past 24 years, counselor, life coach and number one best-selling author David Essel has seen hundreds of individuals, who were told that they would never get sober for life, accomplish exactly that […]