Become a Certified Life Coach on April 25th and 26th

“What this world needs is more people who care… who follow their dreams to help others… who tap into their gifts so that others may do the same… who sincerely encourage others to go after their greatest desires. What this world needs is more life coaches.”– David Essel, founder Life Coach Universe
Known by millions as one of the founding fathers of the current life coaching industry, Master Life Coach David Essel will be hosting a two day Life Coach Certification on Saturday and Sunday, April 25th and 26th at Premier Executive Center in Fort Myers. This event can be attended in person or via Skype or Teleconference from anywhere in the world.
David began certifying life coaches in 1996 when he created  Since then people have come from all of the world to learn the art of life coaching so that they too can help others achieve their biggest goals in life.

Prof. Terri Heck , who has passed all three levels of David certification courses says… “This is more than a life coach certification, as the coach gets to transform their own lives as well during David’s certification programs…”

“There are no prerequisites, other than having a desire to help people improve their lives in order to become a certified life coach” says the founder himself David Essel. “When people go through the program, even if they decide not to become life coaches, we guarantee they will radically change their lives.”

In the certification you will discover:

  1. The foundation of human psychology
  2. The reasons why it’s difficult to change our behaviors, and what to do about that now.
  3. The role of life coaching in helping  clients to achieve their goals.
  4. Why positive thinking is not enough to create the life you desire.

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Love and success,
Team David