Board of Directors: What is their true role?

“This will not be the last time I have been brought into a major University to speak to a Board of Directors that quite frankly are under achievers.”


That is how my speech began. As I stood in front of these accomplished men and women, who had accepted a role on this board to assist the schools growth, they were dumbfounded.

The administration was fed up with people accepting the position, yet slowly fading into the background by not fulfilling their responsibilities.

They had agreed to attend 1 campus event per month. To attend every board meeting and to bring one other successful business associate to each event with them.

Thirty percent of the board had achieved those goals. What a disgrace!

So the administration brought me in to be the hired gun to tell the truth, and to light a fire.

Mission accomplished.

After this inspirational speech in which I asked them to commit to actually being a part of the success, and to do what they had promised as a member of the board, 7 people left.

They were quickly replaced by go getters.

The rest of the members picked up their own slack and started creating the energy and passion to once again help the University grow.

Learn from this. If you are on a board, any board, and you are not part of the solution you are THE problem.

Everything in life is energy, and energy flows top down.

Boards of Directors are at the top and if they are active their energy flows down and inspires others.

If they are not active, they HINDER the organizations growth.

It’s better to leave and be honest that you do not have the time or the drive to handle your obligations, then to be dead wood.

And so it goes.


Love, David