Divorce: Survive, Heal, Thrive

This presentation will free individuals from their guilt and long held pain and allow them to access a new sense of personal power. Even with the rate of divorce so high in this country, many people still have not considered all the options available to help them to survive, heal, and then thrive in life after this most stressful of events. It is possible, through a new awareness presented in this lecture, to begin the healing process immediately, to rebuild all areas of your life, and then to prepare for your next, healthier, and more loving relationship. An insightful and powerful presentation that will help you to move forward in faith and love.

This presentation is built from David’s own experiences and those of many of his life coaching clients. Filled with practical steps and a spiritual understanding that can literally help people to begin rebuilding every part of their lives today.

Phoenix Soul

One man’s search for love and inner pace. A discussion on David’s life philosophy regarding love and inner peace with readings from his popular book, as well as insight on how this book came to life.

“Highest rated speaker in the history of our convention.”   ~International Exhibitors Association

The Top 10 Things Men can do to Enhance their Minds, Bodies and Relationships

The quest to find a more optimistic mindset, better body and enhanced personal relationships has been found in one of David’s newest presentations. His energy, life stories and simple steps to living a more satisfying life come through in an entertaining and thought provoking way.

“I an unaware of any job description that would capture all that David does for his clients, but perhaps an apt job title would be “1:1 trainer for the heart and soul”.  ~David, Attorney

The Top 10 Things Women Can Do to Enhance their Minds, Bodies, and Relationships

The quest to find a more optimistic mindset, better body and enhanced personal relationships has been found in one of David’s newest presentations. His energy, life stories and simple steps to living a more satisfying life come through in an entertaining and thought provoking way.

“I have heard nothing but positive comments and great ideas from what the audience learned.”   ~Terri Carter, NADA

Overcoming Obstacles to Health and Fitness Goals

A detailed look at both the mental and physical keys to health and fitness. Individuals from all walks of life, even those in the fitness industry, need to follow these keys to overcome the inevitable plateaus that occur when we are trying to finally get and maintain the body we have always wanted.

“Excellent material and excellent (effective, persuasive, convincing) presentation! And a great way (for me) to conclude the 4-day conference. A great motivational shot in the arm. I’ll look for more of your material/you in the future!”
~Jay Kenney, Club Industry Conference

New Presentations on SPIRITUALITY

This is a list of just a few of David’s lectures on spirituality. He can create a lecture to fit your individual needs as well.

  • How to Experience and Share God Every Day
  • Forgiveness: The True Way to Love, Energy and Service
  • Turning to God: When, Where and How
  • The Power of Faith During Challenging Times
  • Deepening Our Spiritual Path
  • Slow Down to Find Your Purpose in Life
  • The Power of Prayer: When, Why and How to Bring this Incredible Practice Into Your Daily Life
  • Facing Fear, Feeling Free

“Everyone who heard you speak was so inspired and motivated. I am so excited to share your gift with other churches in our movement. You are truly a gift.”   ~Rev. Marigene DeRusha, Center for Spiritual Living, St. Louis, MO 

“Thank you so much for your inspiring message given at both of our Sunday services. We all enjoyed your high energy and heart filled way that reminded us all to slow down enough in our busy day to take the time to listen to the voice of God. I highly recommend you to any new thought church to bring your message into their hearts and souls.”   ~Patti Rondolino, Event Manager, Wings, a Division of First Unity, St. Petersburg, FL

STRESS FREE: Master Life’s Challenges to Create an Energetic Existence

In this presentation, which was highly endorsed by one of the most successful women’s apparel companies today, Chico’s, David highlights the three most strategic ways we can deal with stress in the workplace and at home:

1) “Get Big!” By doing something very creative and unusual, we can learn to master the stressors that, up to now, have held us back;

2) “What We Submerge Grows” The undealt with resentments or unexpressed frustrations in the office can lead to gossip and more…a type of “office cancer” that can demoralize staff and associates;

3) “Unclutter Your Life to Unclutter Your Mind” The least stressed employees have learned that they can’t be all to everyone. By learning how to set healthy boundaries and drop unnecessary activities that waste time, we become more productive and satisfied.

“Through his energy and stories, David connected with our associates and got them laying out a plan to think outside the box. Get Big Baby!”   ~Michael Smith, Vice President Investor Relations, Chico’s

Here are a few of the comments reported after David’s Keynote Address for the Oswald Trippe Insurance Company’s Annual Conference:

“David was phenomenal. He captivated us and inspired us to achieve greater things.”
“Very gifted speaker and especially liked his can-do approach.”
“Enjoyed the speaker and his anecdotes; he definitely had high energy! You can apply his mind set to our roles as sales producers and that is what I think the overall goal was.”
“Great speaker, challenging-motivating-captivating.”  

Living a Powerful Life

Steps you can do to take control. In a world of uncertainty, there are proven steps that you can do to take control of your existence and begin today to live with more joy and success. Let David show you how to live a more powerful life:

1) power through gratitude, service and intention;

2) the real definition: living a balanced life;

3) remove the roadblocks to personal success; 4

) accepting our own power.

“Your message of positive thinking and genuine gratitude for successes we achieve in life was a poignant reminder for all of us. Our goal for the event was to recognize our employees who have dedicated their work toward building an excellent company. Your comments reminded us that our life’s efforts and actions do not go unnoticed and that our work has permanent meaning.”   ~Phillip Lotti, Florida Heart Associates

Harmonize Your Life

Creating a powerful, well rounded approach to living will absolutely guarantee a more passionate and balanced life…yet few people have the tools necessary to really make this happen. David Essel has been helping thousands of people for the past 25 years transform their lives from mediocrity to full blown excitement through his program that “grounds” our mindset, “strengthens” the body, and “enlightens” the spirit. You don’t want to miss his energy, passion and enthusiasm for life:

1) Is life balance possible for anyone? The answer will surprise you;

2) The one thing theory. Simplifying your personal growth;

3) Radically change your body in 20 minutes per day!;

4) The power of daily rituals to strengthen your spirit.

How to Stay Mentally Fit and Incredibly Productive

Mental techniques: visualization and meditation/relaxation. Explore with David the exciting new breakthroughs that mental techniques such as visualization and meditation/relaxation programs now offer people striving to be mentally fit, and also learn new information on the available nutritional supplements that can make a difference in your mental health. Learn the four keys to mental fitness: 1) power of the open mind; 2) greater self acceptance; 3) following your own journey; 4) success through risk taking.

“David recently gave a presentation at our Racer’s Edge Sales Conference and he is tremendous. He gave everyone some nuggets to utilize every day in their work and personal lives…a great way to get tools that can take your business or career to the next level.” — Ed Castner, Producer, Oswald Trippe and Company, Inc.