Co-dependent men, in relationships

YES, there are millions of men right now who are major co-dependents in love relationships.

The saviors, the healers, the white knights and more!

Read this letter from a client, love, david

~~~ Men as codependents in relationships~~~~~

I allow David to repost this…… Three years ago I heard about David’s coaching work a friend of mine, another guy had gone to him for relationship issues and came out way ahead of the game.

I was very skeptical, especially when my friend told me that I was actually a codependent male in a relationship.

So here I am, sitting with David, telling him the story about this one Woman who is just insane. And she really was.

I want to tell him about how she had borrowed a lot of money and never repaid me, how she would lie to me on a regular basis during our one year relationship, how the rest of the world looked at her is beautiful, and wonderful, and so kind and smart…… She was an absolute evil you know what to me.

Of course not all the time! I’ll give her a break

But as I was getting to the end of my rope, I started to look around at the rest of her relationships. They were all filled with chaos and drama. Between her children, her parents, her relatives…… The people she worked with… It was insanity and I was stuck in the middle of it.

So I’m talking to David telling him I can’t believe I attracted this insane person and stayed with her for as long as I did, and he said well honestly that’s the sign of a Codependent man.

I looked at him and shook my head and said oh please don’t feed me that line.

David laughed and smiled and he never got defensive, he just started to go through all the signs of a codependent man in a relationship.

They put up with stuff that they would tell their best friend never to put up with

They look at the insanity and the ups and downs of a person like this and their emotions and they stay even though it’s driving him nuts.

The crazy making, The lies, the borrowing money and never paying it back, seen that the woman is in constant chaos and drama and yet staying with that person… Those are the signs of a codependent man.

The codependent man and wants to heal the woman, he sees her potential, and he just knows if he can get through to her that she will be an amazing partner.

But is David said the joke is on me. You can’t heal someone that doesn’t want to heal.

And as he said million times….Never date someone for their potential, if they’re not good for you right now get the hell out.

I am a codependent man, at least I’m healing, I’ve been working with David for a couple months and I’m feeling a little better, but when I look at my other relationships with women… They were all the same.

I was the healer. I was the Savior.

Man, wake up. Work with this guy. I’ve learned more from him in a couple months that I did with 10 other counselors over the past 15 years.

Marcus, Atlanta Georgia