Contract for Life Change

Committing Ourselves to a Powerful Future. While many of us would love to be living a healthier or more successful life, few of us seem to be really accomplishing our goal. In this presentation, David takes you and your audience to a whole new level by explaining why we need to commit ourselves to a “Life Change Contract” if we really want to become exceptionally successful. His real life stories of salespeople who have dramatically increased their income and clients who have radically improved their health — all due to the use of a “Life Contract,” will inspire you to do the same. His easy to follow steps will allow you to walk away from this presentation with the tools needed to bring your life to the very next level (business, health, fitness, love and spirituality).

“I could not have asked for a more energetic, enthusiastic speaker. I was truly amazed at your ability to involve the crowd and hold their attention.”
~Dee Dee Parrish, Discover/Novus