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Steven WechslerDr. Steven Wechsler, Healing with Avalon Light Therapy, Cold Laser: Lupus, arthritis, colitis, and migraines. Natural healing that works for everyone. These stories will amaze you, as so many people with these conditions often feel there is no help in sight.

Website:  http://www.drsteveradio.com/

nik wallendaNik Wallenda, Crossing Niagara Falls, on a high wire!! “King of the High wire”.  Nik Returns!!!!!  After doing the unthinkable, that was aired on ABC TV during prime time, Nik returns again to our show to tell us of this experience.  This guy is amazing!

Website:  http://www.nikwallenda.com/
Facebook:  NickWalendaOfficial
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/nikwallenda

christina carlyleChristina Carlyle, Author of Mind Right, Body Tight.  Fitness Success Stories.  How to deal with weight gain after menopause, emotional eating, losing weight after surgery and struggling to get in shape while juggling family and career. Sound familiar???? Christina has the answers to our weight challenges!

Website:  http://www.christinacarlyle.com/
Facebook:  CoachChristinaCarlyle
Twitter:  @GetFitChristina

pamela brunerPamela Bruner, Author of “Tapping Into Ultimate Success: How to Overcome Any Obstacle and Skyrocket Your Results”.  After overcoming her fears about money, through the technique she teaches, Pamela earned $1 million dollars in 2.5 years!!.  Join us as she shares success tips, for every area of life! Transformational stuff!

Website:  http://makeyoursuccessreal.com/
Facebook:   Make Your Success Real
Twitter:  @PamelaBrunner