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hilaryjamronHilary Jamron, Author, Surrealistic Trials:  Surviving My Life After Death.  A drug overdose leads to death and then rebirth! What did she experience on the other side? How did she change? How can we benefit from her experience?

Website:  http://surrealistictrials.com/index.html
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SurrealisticTrials 


eric_pearl_01Dr. Eric Pearl, Author of The Reconnection and Solomon Speaks.  Healing Success Stories.  A practice more powerful that Physical Therapy? Thousands of people world wide are experiencing huge healing shifts, in every area of life.  How does this work?

Website: www.TheReconnection.com
Twitter: @TheReconnection
Facebook: Facebook.com/Dr.EricPearlTheReconnection
You Tube: TheReconnectionTV

tama kievesTama Kieves, Author of A Year Without Fear: 365 Days of Magnificence.  Tama left her career as a successful attorney to teach people how to be successful! What is fear?  How do we release it?  Is some fear helpful?

Kiefer_LinkedIn_photo_2013.49141309_stdMichael Monroe Kiefer, Author of Superconscious Power: The Science of Attracting Health, Wealth, and Wisdom…How do we truly live our dreams? What are the steps? Is it will power? Positive thinking? Is there something more we need to do?  Tune in, find out.

Website: http://www.powermindtraining.com