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Is it possible, that one of the most famous sayings attributed to Buddha, could be incorrect?

For the past 37 years number one best-selling author David Essel has been one of the leaders in sharing the power of positive thought. At least he was up until 1996.

During that year he had some incredible experiences with people like Maharishi mahesh Yogi, and even RAM DASS, that shattered his belief in the simplicity of positive thinking.

Now hold on. This doesn’t mean he’s not a positive thinker, he just believes that so many of the positive statements being passed around the world are rarely based in any form of reality.

Now back to Buddha. One quote that has been attributed to Buddha that may be fairly inaccurate is this quote “you become what you think about all day long”.

Now at first it sounds good. Actually perfect. That if I want to great stuff in my life and I think great thoughts, well according to this quote, I should experience this in my life. .

So if I think that I am a slim and healthy, and use those thoughts all day well it must be my destiny, because according to Buddhas quote, if I focus all day long on being slim and healthy it must come to fruition.

What about money. If the Buddhist statement is correct, if I think about being wealthy all day long, and since what we think about we become, I must be on my way to great wealth.

And this is where David says… Stop the insanity!

For years he studied, deeply studied Buddhism, but in the end this one quote, that is used on social media every day and even in a highly respected personal growth teachers workshops… The reality is not to be seen. As Essel shares in his number one best-selling book, ” POSITIVE THINKING WILL NEVER CHANGE YOUR LIFE …BUT THIS BOOK WILL!, if any major goal in life is achieved via your positive thoughts… That’s called a miracle. But how many people actually become all of these positive affirmations and thoughts they have all day long?

If the statement was true, why do we still have 70% of Americans are overweight or obese?

Now let’s look at the flipside of this statement

If you look at it from the other direction, regarding negative thoughts, well the statement may hold some validity. “We become what we think about all day long” could be very valid when it comes to people who put themselves down all day long… Or say that they’ll never find deep love… Or they’ll never break their addictions… Or you’ll never get out of debt….here Essel says there may be truth in the Buddhist statement.

But he totally disagrees with the concept that you can think about becoming wealthy, or finding your soulmate, or having the perfect body… And if you just put enough time during the day and are thinking about it it must become your reality.

In David’s number one best selling book, he disposes of the myth of positive statements like this, regarding their lack of power, Even when they come from such powerful teachers as Buddha

David recently stated on a nationally syndicated radio show, that he honestly believes if Buddha was in a room with him today, that even the Buddha himself would agree that David is correct.

It’s not so simple to become what we think about. However, if you work your butt off, combined with positive thoughts daily, that’s the formula for success.


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There are so many fallacies in the world of spirituality and personal growth.

Here’s one that is absolutely an excuse to NOT change.

“If God wants me sober, or wealthy, or deeply in love, he will find a way to give me those gifts.”

Insanity. Craziness. A great example of our desire to get out of any work IN life to accomplish our goals.

A number of years ago I was working with a woman who truly needed to become sober. Her life was spinning out of control. No one around her could tell the intense pain she was in, but it was evident in her low self-esteem, and the fact that she had begun isolating herself from people and activities in life.

After working together for about six months, she came in one day saying that she had worked with a spiritual teacher over the weekend that told her “if God wanted you sober, you will become sober. Drop any shame and guilt around your drinking, because he’s in control. Until he tells you to change, just continue on your path of drinking but without the shame and guilt.”

I could not believe what I was hearing! What insanity! A spiritual teacher, was telling my client to continue drinking… Even though her life was totally out of control. Of course it goes hand-in-hand with our desire these days to be living in instant gratification. Why do any work? If God wants me to change I will change, and if he doesn’t want me to change he is giving me the OK to stay where I am.

Insanity. That must end.

I continued working with this woman, but it took about two weeks for her to believe that this message the spiritual teacher told her, was absolute nonsense. Crap. Another example of the disgusting spiritual quotes that we all fall victim to sometime.

If you want a big goal, you’ve got to put in big effort. Relying on God to do all the work is really just simple crazy making.

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