February’s Featured Contributing Author! Dianne Collins – Do You QuantumThink?

One of the great guests that I’ve had on my national radio show several times over the years is Dianne Collins, author of the best-selling book, Do You Quantum Think?

She is absolutely brilliant and talented. She takes the topics of quantum thinking, quantum doing, quantum theories and makes them understandable to the masses. She’s amazing, and she has a great way to differentiate the power of positive thinking from wishful thinking or hopeful thinking.

This is Dianne’s story in her own words; sit back, grab your herbal tea and enjoy the hell out of it.

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“All of life evolves. We progress to higher understandings over time, and this book contains a key message in evolving our awareness in the realm of the very important field of personal growth. I don’t think any person or leader in the personal development field intentionally led people astray in focusing on the power of positive thinking. It is simply that we were lacking knowledge of the finer distinctions of the role of mind and thinking in creating results and manifesting our passions and dreams.

In my own work I make a vital distinction between “positive thinking” and QuantumThinking. While it’s always good to have positive thoughts, QuantumThinking is not the same as positive thinking in that positive thinking is typically a “positive affirmation” attempting to cover over a negative belief you are holding as “the truth.” When you QuantumThink you recognize this. You have accurate knowledge of the creative dynamics of mind, what I like to call “the physics of mind.” You realize 3 key quantum discoveries: reality is not static; reality is context-dependent; and reality is multi-dimensional.

What this means is that you and I can shift and shape our results and our destiny. That we are not stuck with even our most intensely held “beliefs.” That just because you have a thought doesn’t make it “the truth.” That what happens is determined by the context we choose to live from. It means you are thinking multi-dimensionally-knowing that the physical, energetic, mental and spiritual aspects of your goal must be attended to if you want to master how to manifest them.

Years ago I created – in thought – the intent that I am a masterful communicator and popular media personality. It wasn’t “the truth” at that time, or even a “belief.” It was a context I chose. I didn’t create the intent and then sit back and rely on the fantasy of wishful thinking to have it happen. I took action. I studied the genre. I threw myself in front of audiences even when I felt scared. I watched and listened to thousands of shows with the intent to learn the finer distinctions of the art of being a masterful communicator-a media personality who enlightens, entertains and engages people so they are moved into productive, inspired action. I hired a publicist and was interviewed on more than 400 hundred radio and TV shows, Internet webcasts, and podcasts. I am still and will always be learning and looking for opportunities to step into to go to my next octave of mastery and success.

Mind is a creative substance. Thought is powerful indeed. Everything ever invented by humankind began with a thought. Intent expressed as thought is not a cause and effect dynamic. It is a field dynamic. Many results will occur that are consistent with your intent. Action is required. Strategic thinking is necessary. Immersing yourself in the field of your desired profession or art form is wise. Hiring a coach with your desired expertise is brilliant. You develop in a co-creative dance with thought, opportunity, action and follow-through.

The results you attract may be business opportunities. Results may show up as new people in your life. Results could be a lightning bolt idea you hadn’t thought of before or even dreamed possible! Intent has the power to generate all that. However, the possibilities you generate with your intent require engagement on your part. Intent requires intelligent, wise engagement.

Intent is like planting a seed. You plant the seed, you nourish it with light and water and nutrients, and you allow it to take root and become a sapling, grow and flourish. You interact with the unfolding. Intent expressed as thought is like this. You allow for the energy-intelligent mind field connections to be made – and you step in and take action as you become aware of the opportunities.”

Dianne was so gracious to endorse our new book that her story resides in. This is what she had to say about “Positive Thinking Will NEVER Change Your Life….”

“In this book, David Essel, boldly flings open a hidden door of wisdom-a different perspective on the ‘positive’ that is the keystone to living our greatest self. As you read, you just want to hang out with him because you get that he knows who you are. He touches our psyche, taking us through the wonderings and the doubts, the fears and ecstasies, the fantasies and realities to emerge more enlightened, excited and reassured. David captivates us with stories and straight talk, elegantly clear, filled with profound knowledge derived from his own experiences and insight gleaned from thousands of interviews with luminaries at the pinnacle of success. His authenticity is impeccable, his insight is brilliant, and his style is irresistible.” Dianne Collins, Creator of QuantumThink® and 6-time Award Winning Author of the Bestseller Do You QuantumThink? New Thinking That Will Rock Your World

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