10-Hour Group Class
The regular price for this one-on-one course with David is $1997
Group Class is 1/2 OFF:  Only $997!

Are You…

…Tired of struggling financially?
…Tired of the “yo-yo” financial life?
…Mentally and emotionally exhausted from constant financial worry?
…Ready to finally change your financial situation?

David will show you how to:

  • Find financial peace of mind
  • Release underlying beliefs about money that have been holding you back for years
  • Let go of spending habits that sabotage your best financial intentions
  • Create an attitude around money that begins to attract the right people and opportunities in life, to make making money easy
  • And follow the financial action steps that we teach to create financial and material piece of mind.

In addition to your 10 one-hour “one-on-one” sessions with David, this course includes a Course Manual and a CD.

David has interviewed the top masters of money in the USA, – Harv Eker, Suze Orman, Joe Cirulli and Dr. Joe Vitale (from The Secret!).  His program combines tips from the greatest teachers alive today into one jam-packed, success-oriented, 3-Hour Master Seminar!


“Using David’s Financial Freedom information, I doubled my income in just 90 days.”  -Angela Powers

 David on Financial Freedom

Learn how to become
the magnet for
financial change
that you deserve and desire!