Healing Stories: Huge Goals and They’re Not Coming True? What do we do now?

Huge goals? And they’re not coming true? What do we do now?

Setting huge goals can be exciting and fun at the same time. To fantasize about having $1 million in the bank, or losing 150 pounds, or finding the love of your life is absolutely one of the reasons we are here on earth. To experience our full potential.

But what happens if you have huge goals and you’re not seeing any progress?

For the past 28 years, number one best-selling author, counselor and life coach David Essel has been helping people to create incredibly persistent and determined mindsets in order to make their biggest goals their reality.

Here are tips from David in order to help you to stay on path, even if your goals don’t seem to be coming to fruition.

“It can be so frustrating, disheartening, to finally get excited about accomplishing a huge goal with weight loss, or love, or money, or maybe starting your own business and not seeing any fruits for your labor for the first two months, six months or even 25 years.

What? Even 25 years? If you have a big goal and you haven’t seen the results you want for 25 years should you even keep moving forward? And the answer is, if the goal is important to you never, ever, ever give up.

I often share with my clients the story of Colonel Sanders, from Kentucky fried chicken, who made his first financial breakthrough at the age of 68!

He had started with the idea of his famous chicken recipe when he was young man and never gave up. In his 80s he became a billionaire.

In my own life, I started writing books almost 22 years ago. Every one of the books that I wrote I wanted to become a number one bestseller. But for 21 years, I never hit the bestsellers list, until my ninth book was released and we went to number one!

But because I was doing what I love I never even once thought about stopping. I continued to write even though my books never gained the huge momentum that I’d hoped they would. And eventually the payoff was huge.

So let’s take a look at some super simple tips to follow when you have a huge goal but your not seeing a positive end result… Yet.

Number one. Write out all the reasons why you want your goal to come to fruition. How will it change your life? How will you feel when you accomplish this goal? Get it down in specifics.

Number two. Surround yourself with people smarter, better, and more successful than you. Just having their energy around you as you chat on a weekly basis will help you stay on the path to achieving your biggest goals.

Number three. Get an accountability partner… Today! Hire a coach, counselor, financial advisor, personal trainer, nutritionist or whatever you need to help you stay on the path and go through the tough times until your goal is actually met .

Number four. Set up daily, not weekly, not monthly, but daily action steps that you need to follow in regards to your goal. Put it in writing. It must be specificly measurable and timelined. You need to know what you’re going to be doing, from when to when 5 to 6 days a week, if it’s a big goal. If you put in less time than this? Drop the goal. It’s not worth it. Because you’re not serious.

If you follow the above steps, I’m not guaranteeing that your goal will become a reality in the next six months or six years, but I will guarantee, by following these tips you’ll have what it takes to hang in there as long as it takes in order to see your goal come into your life. It’s exciting. You’re worth it. But only if you work your butt off.”

David has helped people with huge goals in life from becoming a millionaire, to losing 130 pounds and keeping it off for 17 years, and he has helped other clients as well to find a deep rewarding path to God, and free themselves from addictions of over 30 years.

If you need help, David accepts new clients every week from around the world and now is the time to reach out to him at www.davidessel.com