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Amazon #1 Best Seller

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“Positive Thinking Will NEVER Change Your Life…  But This Book Will!”

In this, David’s 9th new breakthrough book, David combines his 30 years of work in the field of personal growth along with stories from some of the top authors and success experts of our day, to shatter “the myth of the power of positive thinking.”

In this book, David Essel proves that:

“The Real Secret to Success” has very little to do with positive thinking or affirmations.
“The Law of Attraction for Success”, through vision boards etc., will NEVER bring you millions of dollars or the love of your life.

Let’s stop believing this nonsense now!

David’s book is drawing rave reviews from National Radio Hosts across the USA. Listen to Dr. Eldon Taylor’s Provocative Enlightenment Radio Show.

Amazon #1 Best Seller

HOPE? FAITH? An inspiring parable on faith and hope… Given to David by a homeless man…

Did you know that there is a path, available right now that can lead you to your purpose in life? This new path can open doors, those very same doors that may have seemed to be closed tight right up until the very moment that you picked up this book? Well it is true, and if you’re ready to become the person you’re destined to be, to live the magnificent limitless life God has intended for you, you’re going to have to live life, from this minute on, in a very different way.

Join us as we introduce you to the REAL YOU, through this parable, Rock Star: Finding God’s Purpose for Your Life. Watch as the main character in this book, who at times felt lost, confused, depressed and without guidance, finds his life purpose, the very reason God placed him on this earth, and became even more than he ever imagined possible! This book will circle the world, from boardrooms to bedrooms, schools to factories, as it inspires people of ALL ages, to FINALLY experience the life they’ve always dreamed of. Guaranteed.

“David Essel is the New Leader of the Positive Thinking Movement, I loved having him on my show, he opened up our eyes about the truth that’s behind the reality of success!”

Jenny McCarthy, Radio Show Host, Actress, Author, TV Host

David Essel, #1 Best Selling Author, was selected as the 2016 Keynote Speaker for the Syracuse University Graduation Ceremonies, School of Education!

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Is the Law of Attraction Real? Absolute? or Fabricated?


Positive Thinking Will NEVER Change Your Life, But This Book Will!

Dianne Collins, Creator of QuantumThink®

“This book should be read by every person who has ever achieved authentic success and by those who yearn to know the real way there. Whatever you think you know about positive thinking and how it fits into a life of masterful accomplishment, David Essel, in his book, “Positive Thinking Will Never Change Your Life”, boldly flings open a hidden door of wisdom—a different perspective on the ‘positive’ that is the keystone to living our greatest self… ”

Dianne Collins, Creator of QuantumThink® and 6-time Award Winning Author of the Bestseller:
Do You QuantumThink? New Thinking That Will Rock Your World


I haven’t had a chance to say this out loud yet, my husband and I working closely with David Essel for the last 13/14 weeks has changed our lives significantly. We saved almost $30,000 which helped us buy our first home, pay off my car, enjoy being on a budget, create a closer relationship and working towards being financially free. His “Financial Freedom Workshop is life changing! Thanks David from the bottom of our hearts!

Candace Tranter Cool

Emmy Award Winning Fox 4TV Presents

Motivational Minutes with David Essel!

JJ Virgin and Natalie Pace,
two single moms who have created huge success in life!

Financial Freedom
Part 1

Co-Dependency in Love
and what can we do to change it?

Procrastination… The Killer of Goals & Dreams

David is listed as one of the top Life Coaches and Counselors in the USA with Psychology Today!

Lifetime Television Network

“David Essel is the top lifestyle coach in the USA!”

Lifetime Television NetworkThe Image Workshop

Become the Money Magnet
you’ve always wanted to be!

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“The 4 Biggest Blocks to Financial Freedom”

Angela Powers

“… As a direct result of our work, I doubled my income in just 90 days! … ”

Angela Powers


The #1 Business, Relationship & Success Coach in America

Love & Relationships… Money… Attitude… Career… Addiction

Janese M. Caruthers, Esquire

… With David’s help I was able to finally tackle the fears and destructive habits that were holding me back from achieving the dreams I had for myself…

Janese M. Caruthers, EsquirePartner, St. Surin & Caruthers, P.A. St. Surin & Curuthers, P.A.

Love, Relationships and Marriage

David offers marriage and family counseling as well as spiritual growth counseling sessions.

” I learned more about love in eight weeks with David regarding soul mates, than in 15 years of studying the most popular books and lecture programs. After David helped me shatter the illusions about love, six months later I found love with my best friend and we’ve been married for eight years.

David is absolutely phenomenal in relationship counseling. ”

Bernadette G. ~Florida

” My husband and I came to David, while my husband was in the middle of an affair. This was the third counselor we had seen to try to save the marriage. David’s work is so unique, so different, that within 12 months of really hard introspection and work, following David’s written exercises, we reclaimed our love! Now nine years later, Our marriage is stronger, and we are deeper in love than ever before. He is the best. ”

Teresa and Daniel~Northeast
The Power of Focus, a Book by David Essel


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Lee Witt, CEO, Project Manager, Business Educator, Speaker & Author

After working with David I shattered every ounce of procrastination that was holding me back! I’ve written several books, became financially free, and started the top cover band on the West Coast! He is the real deal.

Lee Witt, CEO, Project Manager, Business Educator, Speaker & AuthorCEO, Project Manager, Business Educator, Speaker & Author

Co-Dependency Kills:

Our Relationships, Our Health, Our Self-Confidence and our Future.

David Essel is the Top Lifestyle Coach in the USA!

The Image WorkshopLifetime Television Network


Become certified with David Essel, M.S., one of the founding fathers of our current Life Coach Industry!
1 on 1 or in a Weekend Group Program!

Terri Heck, Professor

David’s Life Coach Certification courses not only prepare you to help others achieve their major goals, but they also help us to break through any of our own limitations. I highly recommend his courses for everyone! “

Terri Heck, Professor
Erica Castner

Thinking about life coaching? Going through David’s Life Coach University was a key factor in establishing my coaching practice. David’s effective process of attracting my ideal client, lead me to work with ten individual clients and a group coaching program with seven students, upon graduating his course. Follow the system, do the work, get results. If I can do it, so can you!

Erica CastnerBusiness Consulting & Breakthrough CoachQueen of Results

100% Moneyback Guarantee

Since 1991, David has offered a 100% moneyback guarantee
on any and all of his one-on-one coaching sessions.
We are confident that you will be successful in your work with him.

Patti Lacey

David has changed my life! He guided me through my emotions to break away from an addiction to alcohol and I am over 2 years sober. Next, he helped me change my beliefs around money and walk through my uncomfortable fears and blocks. I now have greater income and a financial partnership with my significant other. I know that none of this would be possible without David’s amazing coaching! ”

Patti Lacey

Holistic Addiction Recovery

From Alcohol, Drugs, Co-Dependency, Spending, Smoking, Food & More…

“After spending over $200,000 on treatment centers for my addictions, that never were long lasting, I found complete recovery through David’s Holistic Addiction Recovery Program!

David reaches into areas of emotional and physical recovery, including brain chemistry, that no one else does. my whole family is indebted to his work.


7 Exciting Specialty Courses with David

Financial Freedom Now • Weight Loss Now & Forever • Deepen your Spiritual Path

Love, Intimacy & Relationships • Co-Dependency Kills • The Art of Public Speaking • Change Your Life Now!

Profound 10-hour courses to help get to the core challenges in any area of life and learn how to let them go

 Princess Slim Gypsy

“I cannot thank you enough for all I learned during the certification for Public Speaking! I am writing out 3 seminars of my own… Using the format you taught me so I can remember my talk…. So excited, unbelievable fantastic!!! I could not have wrote these seminars without that course. Thank you thank you!!! ”

Princess Slim GypsyCertified Master Life Coach & Holistic Addiction Recovey


For 30 years David has traveled the world speaking to businesses and non profits on the power of focus

to enhance Productivity, Communication, Attitude & Moral, Personal Responsibility,

Life Purpose and Leadership!

Keith A. Veres, CPA, CGMA

“I would wholeheartedly recommend that you add David to your shortest list of must have presenters. David had the audience in the palm of his hand and I am certain that everyone in attendance left that day knowing they could accomplish just about anything! Do yourself and your organization a favor and reach out to him now!”

Keith A. Veres, CPA, CGMAKeith A. Veres, CPA, CGMAHill, Barth & King, CPA’s and Accountants, LLC
Misty Bryant

It has been several months since you addressed our sales force, and our employees are still quoting you. In an age of information overload, having such a lasting impact is truly impressive.

Misty BryantNestle


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A sneek peak at some of David’s Videos…

The Biggest “Silent” Addiction in the World?

David as a Keynote Speaker

Earn $250,000 or more per year with Tapping!

Video Journal on Successful People… Health, Success, Wealth

Tracey Nemetz

David Essel changed my life, body, mind and attitude in ways I never would have imagined. In 8 weeks I was able to lose 26 pounds and have kept that off and much more over the past 8 years!! I have never felt better! He rocks!

Tracey Nemetz

Excerpts from David’s Blog

David Essel, marriage, relationship, abusive relationship, happy marriage, healthy relationships, how to save a relationship, David Essel, Positive Thinking Will NEVER Change Your Life…

Healing Stories: How Do We Decrease the Divorce Rate in America?

Healing Stories: How Do We Decrease the Divorce Rate in America? Approximately…
David Essel, marriage, relationship, abusive relationship, happy marriage, healthy relationships, how to save a relationship, David Essel, Positive Thinking Will NEVER Change Your Life…

Healing Stories: Putting Sexy Back Into Valentine’s Day!

Healing Stories: Putting Sexy Back Into Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s…
David Essel, Positive Thinking Will NEVER Change Your Life… But This Book Will, career advice, motivational speaker

Healing Stories: Gratitude Rocks…But are we doing it all wrong?

Gratitude Rocks…But are we doing it all wrong? For…


Read David’s hundreds of testimonials regarding his coaching and counseling at work, radio interviews, television show, inspirational speaking events and more…

Life Mastery Video Series by David Essel



A Dramatic, Life Changing 6-Hour Video Course FREE!

“I took this course on Life Mastery honestly to appease my wife. Within the first hour, I was hooked. 6 months later, the effects are amazing. I quit drinking, invested in myself, my family and, yes, my wife. Life is magical, when you do the work, as David says, when you surrender the excuses. He rocks. ”

-Paul Chin


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Marc Victor Hansen, Author

David is the radiant soul of radio. He is brilliant, insightful and easy to listen to. David makes a real difference in his listeners’ lives.”

Marc Victor Hansen, Author~Chicken Soup for the SoulMVH


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Slow Down by David Essel
David Essel
Marla Scott

“ If you are seeking answers about love, Angel on a Surfboard brings you to them in this beautifully crafted and imaginative narrative. 

Marla ScottBest Selling Author and Oprah’s Ambassador of Hope