Huge Goal For 2017?… Read this.

Huge Goal For 2017?… Read this.
It’s 1986. I’m speaking at a large fitness conference, in a round table of other business and fitness experts. The audience is totally tuned in to what each of us are saying… And then one guy who I never met speaks up. His name was Joe Cirulli .

I didn’t know his full story, and was blown away when I found out that here was a guy who was homeless… Living in his car… Who now sitting in front of us as a millionaire in an industry people say you can’t make money. He owns health clubs.

When the presentation was over he actually came to me, and congratulated me on a job well done. I couldn’t believe it. Here he had accomplished all of these great things in life, and I was basically six years into my career and he was telling me I did a good job.

I knew I had to get to know this guy… And within a very short period of time I was asking him for advice… And learning more than I could ever believe. Eventually, I was proud to call Joe one of the greatest mentors I’ve ever had.

I’ll never forget when I asked him one day what the secret to ongoing business success was… And he said “David you’ll never accomplish anything huge on your own… You really need to get involved with mastermind groups, consultants and coaches to make sure that you’re doing everything possible to be successful.”

From that day forward I took his advice and he’s always right on.

How about you? Do you have a huge goal for 2017? Do you have a team of people in place to help you? Consultants? Coaches? Mentors? Mastermind groups?

If you don’t… I can almost guarantee you the goal will not be achieved. We need people to inspire us… Hold our feet to the fire… In other words a hold us accountable.

For most of us, the human brain is not powerful enough to keep us on track. If it was, you and I right now would have every goal we’ve ever intended to have.

But it’s not that easy is it?

To make this year different… You must invest more time more energy and more money into your growth. It’s simple just not easy.

But don’t fool yourself and think that this is going to be the year of you… If you think you’re going to do it on your own. If you could’ve done it on your own you already would’ve done it. Proof, that we need outside help.

If I can help you, I would love to. For 26 years I’ve helped thousands of people as a counselor and a life coach to accomplish the most incredible dreams they ever could’ve imagined in their life.

From losing 120 pounds and keeping it off, to recovering from multiple addictions, helping couples after an affair create deep love, helping individuals who have never owned a house… To get their financial situation in order so they could finally buy their first home ever… And the list goes on and on.

Write down your goals. Then bring someone into your life like myself to hold you accountable. If you’re serious, visit my website or text our office at 941.266.7676

I’m excited for you. 2017 can be the year of you. To accomplish anything you want, or just about anything you want, you’ll need outside help. Commit to you. Commit to you now. You will forever be grateful to yourself… For following the advice given to me 30 years ago by my friend and mentor Joe.

Wishing you the best for 2017. David Essel