“I’m single, and missing out on life”

TRUE confessions~~~~~~. Lost Love???? ” David, I feel absolutely lost in life. I’m a 45-year-old woman, single for the last eight years, rarely date…… And feel that I’m missing out on the purpose of life. Isn’t the reason for existence to love? Isn’t the reason for existence to share and give love? How can I feel good about myself, in this position? How can I feel good, and have self-esteem and self-confidence as you preach about daily, when I see everyone around me in relationships… And I am still single. I feel totally lost. Alone. A good job, a good car, hobbies that are fine….But no man. And none to see in the future that I can even take a stab at. I hope you’ll help. I listen to your show, actually have listen to your radio show for the past 10 years. Thank you. Isabella, New York City.”……………………………….. Isabella, I know the magazines, the romance novels, and advertisements all lead us to believe that without a partner were missing out on the purpose of life. And what I’m going to tell you you may or may not understand. Yes the purpose of life is to love, but there are 1 billion ways to love. There’s the love by giving your time to take care of abused children, abused seniors, the mentally challenged…… This may not seem like the answer To your question, but there are millions of people on this earth that are not in relationships but found a cause to love. Working with the homeless. Working with abused animals. Spending time, On a daily basis hour by hour in prayer and meditation. Mother Teresa even said that she went to bed every night and awoke every morning with her husband, Jesus Christ. She took that love and generated it through Jesus and his work, to help change this World. I do not dissuade you from searching for love from a man, but between now and then whenever that happens, or even if it doesn’t happen, we must pursue the giving and receiving of love. In all of the things I mentioned above, when we give and are in-service we are receiving love. So there you have it. We are giving love and receiving love . As many people know, my answers to many of these questions are different, unique, because I don’t believe in the fairytale soulmate drama That so many people write and speak about. Where you have to have a partner to be complete. It’s not true, it has never been true, and maybe your question will hold open the eyes of other people who are single, to see that life can be more about than just having a partner. If you need more help, email me here on Facebook and I’d be more than happy to do so. Love, David