Karma? Is it absolute?

IMPORTANT: Are you an entrepreneur? Are you ready to become one?


I cannot tell you the rush, excitement that comes from being an entrepreneur. I also don’t know how to explain the desire to continue to come back from failure, or plateaus and business. But I think people who want to run their own careers have to have both faculties. They must be excited about the challenges and changes on a daily basis, as well as the desire to continue to bounce back time after time from projects that we thought would be a home run… Only to find out that they had limited success.

I came from a very conservative family. My dad was an accountant, my mom was a stay at home mom turned school secretary. They loved raising three kids, they enjoyed their jobs enough to stay in them, and didn’t really crave anything else as far as I can tell.

Me? I was a totally different bird. My parents would agree LOL. I needed constant change. Constant challenge. It’s served me well in the world of athletics from being a little kid all the way through college. And then afterwords, I needed the same kind of challenges.

My first job was at a major hospital in Florida. It lasted seven months. I’m surprised I was there that long. I am admittedly, not really good at taking direction. Or being told what to do. I love being creative… Trying new things whether they work or not the first time doesn’t really matter to me. I want to feel that exhilaration of being responsible for everything that goes on in my life, even though I have an amazing team around me.

I also like trying to figure out how to become more successful in life. I love interviewing successful individuals from all walks of business. I love reading about individuals that have created great success after admitted failure. My mentor, Joe Cirulli, is a great example of this as someone who went from homeless to multimillionaire.

If any of the above excites you… Then you have what it takes to become an entrepreneur. If you’ve tried your hand at your own business in the past and it hasn’t work, but what you’re reading here is still exciting to think about… Then I would admit that you need to get back into the world of running your own business.

Entrepreneurs thrive on change. On challenges. In our new number one best-selling book, “positive thinking will never change your life but this book will… The myth of positive thinking, the reality of success” I talk about people like Ray Higdon, an amazing entrepreneur that went from foreclosure, as a single dad with two kids, to a millionaire. He thrives on the challenge of life.

How about you? Becoming an entrepreneur is not an easy task… Choosing to stay in this world is not an easy task either. There is no security, other than the security that comes within you. There’s no guarantee for success, other than your desire to be incredibly persistent, creative, insightful and willing to surround yourself with really good people.

My team, which consists of accountants, coaches, publicists, book marketing experts, web design experts, social media experts, executive assistants and more are all very skilled at what they do. I take my hands off the wheel and allow them to be the best they can in their field. It also includes graphic designers, sales people… Everything you can imagine that an IBM, or Boeing needs to be successful, the entrepreneur needs the very same things. Without a strong team, we’re going to struggle for a long period of time.

But in the beginning of your entrepreneur experiences, you may not have very much of a team outside of yourself. But as soon as you can you need to surround yourself with people that are better than you in certain areas of business.

If you’re currently an entrepreneur but you’re not living up to your own potential, or if you’re currently working for other people but would love to have your own business… Contact me today. I would love to help you shorten the learning process, the learning curve as I have for thousands of people over the last 26 years. Business is my passion. People are my passion. Success is my passion. Making a difference in this world is a passion. If you feel the same, let’s get together and map out a direction for you to become the best you, the best entrepreneur possible. Text us today at 941.266.7676 and I will take 20 minutes out of our schedule to talk to you about programs we offer that will help you to become the best you could ever imagine in business, life and more.

David Essel. Team David.