The Leader’s Edge: How to Maximize Success in Your Business Life

What truly sets leaders apart from those who simply aspire to be the best in their field? To maximize your business and your life: 1) learn how the leaders in today’s world stay inspired daily in their business and personal life; 2) see what the top people in any field have in common that keeps them going strong regardless of what is going on; 3) learn how you, too, can reach the incredible successes that true leaders achieve and maintain in their business and personal life; 4) through this presentation, David will give real life examples from the many celebrities and business executives that he has interviewed over the years, as well as stories from his own life experiences.

“David Essel, motivational speaker and author, recently was the closing speaker at FGCU’s Developing World-Class Employees showcase. In less than an hour David was able to share practical leadership ideas, inspire through story telling, engage through humor, and leave the participants wanting to hear more. David’s style is a powerful blend of energy and down-to-earth that connects with any audience. His content is filled with realistic and common sense skills that all leaders can put into practice immediately in the workplace.”   ~Joanne Hartke, Director, Florida Institute of Government, Florida Gulf Coast University