Make America’s Intimacy Great Again!

Make America’s Intimacy Great Again!

After seeing months of negative commentary on social media, we decided to take a different approach.

Let’s focus on enhancing our levels of physical intimacy because….

1. When you’re having sex… You won’t complain about politics.
2. When you’re having sex… You won’t complain about the marches and demonstrations
3. When you’re having more sex… You won’t be posting and arguing on Facebook.
4. When you’re having more sex… The core area of your body becomes more conditioned and toned
5. When you’re having more sex… Your immune system function is much better.
6. When you’re having more sex… Your attitude improves, you actually become a better person
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Make America’s Intimacy Great Again!

Lets look at the facts:

Many people in relationships, as well as obviously many single individuals in the USA, complain about a lack of sexuality. They become frustrated, that one of the most pleasurable activities on the face of this planet, is somehow eluding them.


For couples, in the past 36 years of my work as a counselor and life coach, when there’s too little sex in a love relationship there are dangers to look out for:

1. Can easily lead to resentment.

2. Can easily lead to arguments

3. Can easily lead to passive aggressive, negative behaviors

4. Can easily lead to emotional affairs

5. Can easily lead to physical affairs, and the possible demise or destruction of their love relationship.

Benefits of regular sex at least two times per week:

1. Improves sleep

2. Decreases stress

3. Decreases pain sensation in the body

4. Increases your desire to have more sex

5. Lowers blood pressure

6. Increases your emotional connection with your partner

7. Decreases your risk of heart attack

8. Decreases your risk of colds and flu.


If you’re single, the benefits of self-love, or sexual self pleasure, also known as masturbation is:

1. For men, a possible decrease in the risk of prostate cancer

2. For men, a decrease in erectile dysfunction

3. A boost in our mood for both men and women, through the release of oxytocin and dopamine

4. Helps individuals to get to know their own body, what turns them on, so that when they’re in a relationship they know what to share with their partner

5. For teenage girls, teaching self pleasure, allows them to know that can take care of their own desires by themselves, and do not need to risk having sex with boys in order to feel sexual pleasure, DECREASING TEEN PREGNANCY AND THE SPREAD OF STD’S.

6. For teenage boys, the same applies. When they realize they can take care of their own intimate needs, there’s less risk of being with a teenage girl in order to get the benefits of sexual satisfaction, DECREASING TEEN PREGNANCY AND THE SPREAD OF STD’S.


Lasting power for men.
A release of negative beliefs for women.

In David’s number one best-selling book “Positive thinking will never change your life with this book will! The myth of positive thinking, the reality of success”, he tells about his own journey to become a better, longer lasting partner .

A challenge for many men, is to learn the techniques necessary to be able to train their body to not “release to soon” during the process of making love. Through his many interviews with sex therapists, like Dr Barbara Keesling, he took these exercises to heart, which any man can, and by practicing these exercises was able to fulfill his partners desires, without releasing too soon.

In his own practice, he shared these techniques with hundreds of men, and when they practice these on their own they all found outstanding end results in the bedroom.

He has also helped thousands of women, who desire a greater enjoyment of sexuality, by helping them to work through their fears, resentments, and even guilt and shame that can inhibit, and actually destroy one’s desire for healthy sexual activity.

He’s also helped women learn how to communicate their needs, both emotional and physical regarding sex, so that their partnerships grow to a more intimate and rewarding level.

As he talks about during his lectures on intimacy, love and sexuality, people who learn how to fulfill their partners desires, while also being able to express their own wants and needs in the area of sexuality, have the most lasting and fulfilling love relationships.

NOW…………. is your chance to enhance your level of intimacy, and take advantage of all of the emotional, physical and psychological advantages that we discussed in this important post!

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