So you’re walking blindly through stores trying to figure out what to give a best friend, one of your children, your partner, or even your parents… And nothing is grabbing your attention.

And then all the sudden you get a brainstorm! And you start thinking about how the people in your life procrastinate on a regular basis. How they say they want to start to lose weight, or get a great attitude, or get sober, or make more money, or find the love of their life, or maybe even to save their current relationship.

Or maybe you’re thinking that they really need to be inspired over a current challenge their in… Or deepen their faith … Or to learn how to deal with anxiety or depression. And then you stand for moment, look up to the sky, and say “God I wish there was some really inexpensive holiday gift that I could get several people that I know, that would make a much bigger difference in their life then another box of chocolates.”

Number one best-selling author, counselor, life coach and radio host David Essel has the answer for millions of people around the world that want to look at giving their loved ones an inspirational and motivational gift for the holidays, instead of another neck tie, belt, purse or as we said earlier a box of chocolates.

Here, in David’s own words, is his gift to the world, that you will find to be not only incredibly motivational, but also priced within a budget that anyone can afford.

“The Holidays are already creeping up on us. And It won’t be long until people will be talking about wanting to make changes in the new year.

I’ve always been one that has wanted to give back to society. To help in anyway I can. And we’re doing it again. This time with our incredibly discounted holiday gifts about motivation and inspiration.

From today, until January 1, 2018, you can get my two number one best-selling books, that are based on both inspiration and motivation together at the one time low-cost of only $9.95 plus shipping! That’s two number one best-selling books for only $9.95 plus shipping and handling!

The first book in the package is the one that has set the world on fire in 2017 entitled “Positive thinking will never change your life… But this book will! The myth of positive thinking, the reality of success.

This book has changed the way that millions of people have started to act in their own world to achieve their biggest goals. It’s heavily endorsed by celebrity Jenny McCarthy, as well as six other New York time best-selling author’s who have often told me “thank God someone had the strength to create a book that talks about the true path to what it takes to become successful in life.”

This book is filled with over 100 stories of people who have lost large amounts of weight and kept it off, got sober against all odds, reclaimed marriages after an affair, healed and forgave individuals that had murdered their family members, and others who have reclaimed financial freedom after the devastation of losing it all.

Don’t let the title fool you! It’s a highly inspirational, motivational book that outlines the true path that successful people have followed in life, knowing that your greatest goals will come when you put 80% of your effort into new action steps on a daily basis, while at the same time 20% of the end result of your work will come from the way you think. Your friends and families will love this book.

The second book that we are giving in this incredibly low priced inspirational package is called “Rock Star: finding God’s purpose for your life.

This Number one best selling book is about how to overcome anxiety… Depression… Failure… Rejection… Abandonment, in a parable with an incredibly surprising and uplifting ending.

As we follow the lead character throughout the parable, we find that he has an incredible desire to find out what his purpose on earth is… But it continues to slip out of his grasp. Yes he goes into depression. Yes he faces anxiety . But through the tools that he shares with us throughout the ball, he shows us how to rise above our daily challenges to create the life we’ve always wanted.

You can get both of these books right now, a $19 value, for only $9.95 plus shipping and handling. An incredible savings, that will have the most profound impact on the ones you love. Giving them inspiration and motivation to go after their greatest goals in life.

Grab this special offer for the holiday gift giving experience today!