• David Essel | The Power of Focus

Inspirational Speaker and Author David Essel

Offers Complimentary Motivational Lecture

to Charities, Non Profit Organizations and Schools

Inspiring Staff, Clients or Students to Get Focused for Success

FORT MYERS, FLORIDA –  Internationally acclaimed inspirational speaker and 9 time top selling author, David Essel, is offering a complimentary lecture to non profit organizations and schools across the USA who would like to inspire their staff, associates, clients or students to get focused for greater success.

The Power of Focus:  For 30 years, David Essel has inspired millions from around the world with his motivational talks, books and courses. He fully believes in the path of service, and knows that this is the right time for many reasons to reach out and help as many people as he possibly can, through the various avenues he has been given.

The Power of Focus, a Book by David Essel

His presentation: “The Power of Focus: How Changing One Thing in Your Life Changes Everything”, is radically changing the way we set and achieve goals in business, sales, marketing, our personal lives and our relationships. From developing powerful attitudes, dramatically improving the way we communicate, letting go of procrastination, enhancing how we handle challenges in life, to money, recovery, love, gossip and our health, this program is a totally inclusive look at the steps we need to take to maximize our potential in all areas of life.

This 1 hour presentation can be adapted to address the specific needs of a non profit organization or school, giving staff members, associates, colleagues or students the gift of tried and true guidance for transformation. Many organizations use this event as an opportunity to invite partners, customers and clients to receive the gift of this motivational experience.

“If you’re looking for a way to help motivate and inspire your associates to reach for higher goals and then achieve them, David’s vast experience, inspirational style, and approachability can help you accomplish this today.”  – Lee Witt, Boeing

“I can’t recommend David highly enough as a keynote speaker. His energy and passion are infectious, and his message to our scholarship winners and donors was timely and inspiring. David hit just the right note with his presentation and exceeded all my expectations!”  – Anne Douglas, Director of Programs, Southwest Florida Community Foundation

“It has been several months since you addressed our sales force, and our employees are still quoting you. In an age of information overload, having such a lasting impact is truly impressive.”  – Misty Bryant, Nestlé

“David Essel provided an energetic presentation to our alumni that inspired and encouraged them. His words created a lasting impression that motivated them to take immediate action in forming a life plan. David supplied the tools and information needed to better enhance one’s life.” – Kimberly Williams, M.A,, Coordinator of Alumni Programming, Florida Gulf Coast University

“You were inspirational, timely, and real and I am certain, you touched everyone in the room with your strong transformational message. We will keep your message in the forefront of our agents by reminding them about “just one thing” and then “focus”. You were our perfect kick-off speaker for what I know will be an exceptional 2013.” – Michael Saunders, Founder & CEO, Michael Saunders & Company (Sold over 2.3 Billion Dollars in real estate, in 2012!)

Contact David today at david@davidessel.com , or call us at 941.266.7676, to take advantage of this incredible offer, as his desire is to inspire millions to take their lives to the next level, both professionally and personally. David is also pleased to offer his new FREE e-book, “The Power of Focus: How to Exceed Your Own Expectations in Life” which is available for immediate download in all major formats at www.davidessel.com.

If you are a for profit business or school, contact us at the email above for information on how David can inspire your staff and associates.

We are excited to announce the recent release of David’s 9th book:

Postive Thinking will NEVER Change Your Life… BUT THIS BOOK WILL!

The Myth of Positive Thinking and the Reality of Success

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