STRESS FREE: Master Life’s Challenges to Create an Energetic Existence

In this presentation, which was highly endorsed by one of the most successful women’s apparel companies today, Chico’s, David highlights the three most strategic ways we can deal with stress in the workplace and at home:

1) “Get Big!” By doing something very creative and unusual, we can learn to master the stressors that, up to now, have held us back;

2) “What We Submerge Grows” The undealt with resentments or unexpressed frustrations in the office can lead to gossip and more…a type of “office cancer” that can demoralize staff and associates;

3) “Unclutter Your Life to Unclutter Your Mind” The least stressed employees have learned that they can’t be all to everyone. By learning how to set healthy boundaries and drop unnecessary activities that waste time, we become more productive and satisfied.

“Through his energy and stories, David connected with our associates and got them laying out a plan to think outside the box. Get Big Baby!”   ~Michael Smith, Vice President Investor Relations, Chico’s

Here are a few of the comments reported after David’s Keynote Address for the Oswald Trippe Insurance Company’s Annual Conference:

“David was phenomenal. He captivated us and inspired us to achieve greater things.”
“Very gifted speaker and especially liked his can-do approach.”
“Enjoyed the speaker and his anecdotes; he definitely had high energy! You can apply his mind set to our roles as sales producers and that is what I think the overall goal was.”
“Great speaker, challenging-motivating-captivating.”