FOX TV: From Dealing With Loss, To Becoming a Millionaire!


In order to deal with the loss of a loved one, or marriage, we must go deep into the painful emotions. In order to become a millionaire we must do really hard work.

Watch as David shares on FOX TV the truth about successful people from all walks of life.

February’s Featured Contributing Author! Dianne Collins – Do You QuantumThink?

One of the great guests that I’ve had on my national radio show several times over the years is Dianne Collins, author of the best-selling book, Do You Quantum Think?

She is absolutely brilliant and talented. She takes the topics of quantum thinking, quantum doing, quantum theories and makes them understandable to the masses. She’s amazing, and she has a great way to differentiate the power of positive thinking from wishful thinking or hopeful thinking.

This is Dianne’s story in her own words; sit back, grab your herbal tea and enjoy the hell out of it.

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“All of life evolves. We progress to higher understandings over time, and this book contains a key message in evolving our awareness in the realm of the very important field of personal growth. I don’t think any person or leader in the personal development field intentionally led people astray in focusing on the power of positive thinking. It is simply that we were lacking knowledge of the finer distinctions of the role of mind and thinking in creating results and manifesting our passions and dreams.

In my own work I make a vital distinction between “positive thinking” and QuantumThinking. While it’s always good to have positive thoughts, QuantumThinking is not the same as positive thinking in that positive thinking is typically a “positive affirmation” attempting to cover over a negative belief you are holding as “the truth.” When you QuantumThink you recognize this. You have accurate knowledge of the creative dynamics of mind, what I like to call “the physics of mind.” You realize 3 key quantum discoveries: reality is not static; reality is context-dependent; and reality is multi-dimensional.

What this means is that you and I can shift and shape our results and our destiny. That we are not stuck with even our most intensely held “beliefs.” That just because you have a thought doesn’t make it “the truth.” That what happens is determined by the context we choose to live from. It means you are thinking multi-dimensionally-knowing that the physical, energetic, mental and spiritual aspects of your goal must be attended to if you want to master how to manifest them.

Years ago I created – in thought – the intent that I am a masterful communicator and popular media personality. It wasn’t “the truth” at that time, or even a “belief.” It was a context I chose. I didn’t create the intent and then sit back and rely on the fantasy of wishful thinking to have it happen. I took action. I studied the genre. I threw myself in front of audiences even when I felt scared. I watched and listened to thousands of shows with the intent to learn the finer distinctions of the art of being a masterful communicator-a media personality who enlightens, entertains and engages people so they are moved into productive, inspired action. I hired a publicist and was interviewed on more than 400 hundred radio and TV shows, Internet webcasts, and podcasts. I am still and will always be learning and looking for opportunities to step into to go to my next octave of mastery and success.

Mind is a creative substance. Thought is powerful indeed. Everything ever invented by humankind began with a thought. Intent expressed as thought is not a cause and effect dynamic. It is a field dynamic. Many results will occur that are consistent with your intent. Action is required. Strategic thinking is necessary. Immersing yourself in the field of your desired profession or art form is wise. Hiring a coach with your desired expertise is brilliant. You develop in a co-creative dance with thought, opportunity, action and follow-through.

The results you attract may be business opportunities. Results may show up as new people in your life. Results could be a lightning bolt idea you hadn’t thought of before or even dreamed possible! Intent has the power to generate all that. However, the possibilities you generate with your intent require engagement on your part. Intent requires intelligent, wise engagement.

Intent is like planting a seed. You plant the seed, you nourish it with light and water and nutrients, and you allow it to take root and become a sapling, grow and flourish. You interact with the unfolding. Intent expressed as thought is like this. You allow for the energy-intelligent mind field connections to be made – and you step in and take action as you become aware of the opportunities.”

Dianne was so gracious to endorse our new book that her story resides in. This is what she had to say about “Positive Thinking Will NEVER Change Your Life….”

“In this book, David Essel, boldly flings open a hidden door of wisdom-a different perspective on the ‘positive’ that is the keystone to living our greatest self. As you read, you just want to hang out with him because you get that he knows who you are. He touches our psyche, taking us through the wonderings and the doubts, the fears and ecstasies, the fantasies and realities to emerge more enlightened, excited and reassured. David captivates us with stories and straight talk, elegantly clear, filled with profound knowledge derived from his own experiences and insight gleaned from thousands of interviews with luminaries at the pinnacle of success. His authenticity is impeccable, his insight is brilliant, and his style is irresistible.” Dianne Collins, Creator of QuantumThink® and 6-time Award Winning Author of the Bestseller Do You QuantumThink? New Thinking That Will Rock Your World

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David on FOX TV: Is Positive Thinking a Hoax?

Is “Positive Thinking” a Hoax?

David returns to FOX TV to answer the question: Is the industry built on “Positive Thinking” a hoax?  Is it possible that we have been convinced that positive thinking can change our life…When in reality it cannot?

Watch this super short video right now!


David Essel

Ray Higdon and “Positive Thinking Will Never Change Your Life….but this book will!”

Positive Thinking will NEVER change your Life, but this Book Will! by David Essel

In the recent seminar about our new book, “Positive thinking will never change your life….but this book will! The myth of positive thinking, the reality of success”, we had a great presentation by my friend Ray Higdon, who went from foreclosure to millionaire in just a few short years.
Ray called me around 2009 to meet about a tough financial situation he found himself in. The real estate market was crashing, he had several children to support and no idea how he was going to recover from the stress he was under. I saw that day, even in his pain, a fire in his eyes. I knew that once he found a passion, his fiances would turn around in a very big way.. And have they ever!

I am so proud of Ray’s success, so much so that we included his story in my new book, and are now sharing it with you below.

“Although I am a successful business person now, positive thinking did not get me here all the way. I’ll share a little bit of my story, about how I became a two time best-selling author, built a multi-million dollar a year coaching and training business, and became the number one income earner in my last network marketing company. I’m going to share all that with you, but I can tell you, again, it wasn’t all due to positive thinking.

I was a real estate investor in the state of Florida, from 2004 to about 2008, and did well actually. Some different partners and I moved a lot of properties. We actually owned quite a few different rental properties and things were rocking and rolling when the Florida real estate market was hot. When that market changed, I didn’t know enough, I wasn’t prepared, and I was over leveraged. I got my teeth kicked in. I got beat up really bad and not only did I lose multiple real estate investment properties, but I actually lost my own home to personal foreclosure. From toward the end of 2008 to all throughout 2009, I was really in a tough financial spot.

Now let me tell you what I did and then I’ll share with you what I didn’t do. What I was doing during those times is, I was saying my affirmations. I was watching the movie The Secret. I was reading different books on law of attraction and things of that nature. I was constantly posting positive things on Facebook, even though I was in major, major trouble. You know, it’s something that I look back on and it’s like I was trying to kid myself to success. I was trying to ignore the pain and stay positive, but I can tell you, it just didn’t work.

It was interesting when my life truly turned around. It was July 15, 2009 and a friend of mine had invited me to a home opportunity meeting, which I’ll be honest, I wasn’t very excited about, because I had already failed in network marketing quite a few times. When he invited me, I went there; I’m like, “What the hell? I got nothin’ to lose.” I went there and I saw it as a vehicle. I said, “You know what? I’m not getting any younger. Life hasn’t been getting any better. It’s been pretty terrible the last year, and screw it. I know I’m in personal foreclosure. I know I’m dead broke, but screw it. I’m going to make a run for this!”

That is when I got into action. It is when I started doing the things that should lead to success. I started prospecting like crazy. I started reaching out to people that I knew, people that I didn’t know. I started using Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter. I started doing the activities of reaching out to individuals and that’s what made a huge difference in my life. I actually went after 20 no’s a day. Now, imagine this. I went a year of just writing my affirmations and hoping that things would get better, but really no action. I really wasn’t taking any action. I wasn’t reaching out to people. I wasn’t picking up the phone. I was just visualizing in my foreclosed on house, so when I started really taking action, check out what happened.

I wanted to prospect people so I read this book called, Go for No, which I’m now friends with the authors, and they’re amazing. I went for 20 no’s a day. I wanted to reach out to people and get 20 people to tell me no to joining my business every single day. I did that almost every single day for six months.

Here’s what happened. I created this psychological trigger that said, any time I thought about how bad life was, I had to pick up the phone, had to. I would pick up the phone and I would call somebody. I would say, “Hey, I’m running with this thing. You with me or not?” I said things like that, but I was constantly reaching out to people, taking major action. Here were the results. Within five months of that decision I was making over $10 thousand a month. Within seven months I was at $40 thousand a month. Within ten months I was at $50 thousand a month. That was back in mid-to-late 2010 and my income has never dipped since.

Now, not only did my wife and I become the number one income earners in that network marketing company, earning over $1 million in commissions, but we also built a coaching and training business, sort of by accident. We built this coaching and training business and we had our first million-dollar year in 2013, and we had our first million-dollar month in 2015. Then just last weekend, we had our first million-dollar event. We actually did a three-day event that generated over a million dollars in sales and I can tell you, we’re so grateful to all the different mentors, trainers, and people that we’ve learned from. We’re just so grateful for this process, but I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that positive thinking and affirmations is not enough.

At the same time as I started reaching out to more people and taking action I started shooting videos and blogs and have now generated over 100,000 leads in the past few years and have built a major following. None of that would have happened if I didn’t take massive action.

Just to bring it full circle here, I still am very positive. I still do affirmations every single day, but you have to combine action. I think that that gets lost in translation. When people see things on the law of attraction, maybe they think that they can literally sit in their apartment, or house, or whatever, and actually conjure up things to them. That’s what I thought back then. I’m telling you, when you’re working hard, you’re on the path, and you’re taking lots of action, you will get lucky. You’ll have some lucky breaks, but that’s what I’ve found. You have to be in action first. We’ve had a lot of lucky breaks since we got into action.

We’ve had people come to us, either hire us for coaching, or join our team. We’ve had all kinds of those examples, but none of that stuff would have happened when I was out of action. My suggestion to you is keep thinking positively. Keep writing and believing those affirmations. Keep writing down goals. I particularly like 30 day goals. What do you want to accomplish in the next 30 days and make it very reasonable, so that you can actually hit it. Keep in mind, none of that stuff is really going to change your life. It is the action that you take based on that stuff that can change your life.

I encourage you, whatever business you’re in, whatever you want, there’s a series of actions that goes along with that. If you want the perfect soul mate, then start becoming the person that would attract that perfect soul mate. If you want someone who’s smart, motivated, and beautiful, then work on yourself. Maybe you start reading more. Maybe you start exercising more and watching your diet more. Become the type of person by action that should attract that type of person.

If you want a bigger business, what are the action steps that you need to reach that next level in your business? It is probably marketing combined with prospecting, and things of that nature. Do those things. Learn the skills that you need to learn to take your business to that next level, and you will. I’m just so grateful to be included in this book to help people to see what it really takes to create the life of your dreams.”

Ray’s success also has come from giving back. He loves to inspire people every day, and he does it so damn well. Are you starting to see that your beliefs are everything? But that which you want to be true and think you believe to be true, maybe isn’t true at all? Getting out of denial, and looking at the truth is the most important step in the world of achieving the life that you want. His willingness to make 20 prospecting calls per day was the action step to success.

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Randy Wayne White: Best Selling Author, A Humble Start

Randy Wayne White: Best Selling Author, A Humble Start


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Best selling mystery author Randy Wayne White beat all the odds to become a literary great by doing one thing in life: following his passion. Hear about his amazing story right now on the video in this short blog. Listen as I share the steps he took to go from unemployed to set for life. His whole life story is truly inspiring.

I’m proud to also add that Randy wrote the forward to my Hay House book, “Slow Down”.

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