Healing Stories: “My New Business Was Failing…And Then I Did This.”

Healing Stories: “My New Business Was Failing…And Then I Did This.”

Every year in the United States alone millions of people begin to follow the American dream. To own their own business.

For years statistics have told us that it takes anywhere from 3 to 5 years to create a successful business from scratch. But the percentage of businesses that make it big are small compared to the numbers that go under .

For the past 27 years, number one best-selling author, counselor, life coach and radio host David Essel has helped thousands of people to create successful businesses. He’s helped another thousand or more to resurrect their business when it was on the brink of failure.

The story that follows is one of those individuals David worked with, who had all the intentions in the world of creating a successful business, but was about to close it’s doors after only 30 days of being open.

” I remember the call as if it was yesterday. Someone, who I knew very closely, had opened a business with high expectations but 30 days into the business they were failing. Big time. He shared with me that he might have to close the doors. That he had taken an ad out in the local phone book, this is way before the Internet, and his phone was not ringing at all.

I asked him what other steps he had done regarding that working? Cold calls? Visiting other businesses?

His answer was really typical of a brand new business owner… “I think I told you, I took an ad out in the phonebook and I thought that’s all I would need to do.”

And this is what a lot of business owners, new business owners, do. They believe, only because they haven’t had the experience, that as long as they have ads out somewhere, local paper, nowadays we could say local ads on social media… That the business will just begin to grow.

I understand that mindset because 37 years ago when I opened my first business I had the same belief system. That if you do something good people should just come.

It’s not that easy… As we find out the longer we try to stay in business.

So I asked him if he was willing to work really hard for the next 90 days and that if he did what I recommended I thought he could probably pull his business out of the dumpster and get it heading full steam down hill where he could be successful for a very long period of time. The only catch was, I told him, he would have to do some things that were really uncomfortable.

Many times when people’s backs are against the wall we will eventually, hopefully, do things that we would rather not do on a daily basis to create great success.

He agreed. So I told him I wanted him to map out the various strip malls in his area. He had a brand new fax machine repair business and I wanted him to pull into a strip mall every day and walk into the doors of a minimal of 10 business as a starting point .

You could’ve heard a pin drop after I made that recommendation. LOL. Which is very very normal. Cold calling sucks. It’s hard. Because of the potential rejection, which can go up to 95%, most of us will do anything in the world other than cold call on businesses.

After the silence he said yes he would. And I told him that what I would do is when he got to the strip mall to call me and I would take him through a series of mental exercises to prepare him for what he was about to run into. Whether it was a buzz saw rejection, or someone with a smiling face, he had to have the same demeanor.

The first couple weeks of doing this was absolutely Hell he told me. But after that there was a shift in his perspective. And this is normal of anytime we try to do something new. When we are going to face rejection 95% of the time, who the hell wants to do that?

But he did it anyway. And eventually, after one year in business, he was seeing and reaping the benefits of his hard work.

24 years later, I am proud to say that my brother, Terry Essel, has created an incredibly successful office machine and toner business. He never gave up. He did the uncomfortable. Driving into a new strip mall every day, going to do 10 to 12 businesses every day, was the only way to save his business and he did it.

His business, called, has saved people up to 60% off of toners for everything from home office equipment to large multi function machines in major corporations for people from all over the world.

His contract with large hospitals and more has allowed him to create the life he’s always wanted to create. He has time to enjoy life while continuing to grow the business.

I am so proud of him because he’s an example of what I’ve been teaching for over 27 years. That if you want great success with your attitude, money, body, recovery, or relationships you’ve got to work your butt off. Positive thinking will never do it alone. He is the perfect example of someone who was willing to dive into the fire, to create a successful business that he’s always wanted.

If I can help you, contact me at and we will work together to take your business to the next level.”