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Healing Stories: Finances – From Dead Broke to Financially Free.


Healing Stories: Finances – From Dead Broke to Financially Free.

Carrying financial debt is probably one of the most incredible stressors that we can face on a daily basis. But the truth is we don’t have to live this way if you’re willing to change our approach to income, expenses and debt .

For the last 27 years, counselor, life coach, radio host and number one best-selling author David Essel has helped thousands of people to shatter financial stress in order to lead a healthier and more productive life.

The story below is one of David’s clients who came to him totally stressed about her life in general and at the end of their work together found financial freedom in a most interesting way.

“I’ll never forget the first session with Angela from the west coast of the United States, as she went on sharing with me about how stressful her life was. She wanted me to help her with organization as her house was a mess, relationship in turmoil, even her work… The list went on and on.

Within a few weeks though it was evident that there was one thing in her life that was really causing 90% of her turmoil. It had to do with her income. It was so low that no matter how much she tried to watch her expenses she could never make ends meet.

(Now as a sidenote in teaching my course, Financial Freedom Now, I can tell you that there’s only a small percentage of people who are struggling financially where it’s their lack of income that’s the number one problem. For most people their real struggle is their daily, weekly and monthly expenses that they’re not paying close enough attention to. In other words, they’re buying whatever they want when they want to even if it’s not within their budget.)

Angela’s situation was quite different. She had a high school diploma, was working in a bank, making minimum wage and it wasn’t enough at all for her to even cover her monthly bills.

Now this part is shocking. After our initial few sessions she asked me what would it take in order for her to turn her life around. And I said quite honestly it would take 90 days of working with me five days a week and your financial situation would radically improve!

Now she didn’t know what to do. Her friends and family said do not pay this coach, this financial counselor, any money where you’re going to work with him that much. You don’t have the money. It’s too expensive.  It will never work.

But for some reason Angela believed in what I said. She signed up. We talked five days a week for 90 straight days! She would get up at 4:30 in the morning her time to do our sessions. Then at the end of working nine hour days, she would put two hours every night Monday through Friday into doing the homework I gave her, helping her to search for a new job.

She worked her butt off. She did more in 90 days than most people do in two years when they’re trying to turn their financial situation around. No matter what I asked her, how many people to contact, how many emails to send out, how many job interviews to go on she never said no.

And the end result? In 90 days, she was offered a job at double her income! And a few days later? She got another job even offering her more money!

But, and this is a big but, she did the work, I must repeat this, that most people won’t do. If you’re serious about changing your financial situation follow Angela’s role and do those things that you’d rather not do.

Get outside of your comfort zone.

Hire someone, whether it’s me or someone else, to teach you about budgeting. About decreasing expenses. So many people I’ve worked with have told me that there’s no way they can decrease their expenses but three weeks into the program they look at me shaking their head thinking oh my Lord! I can cut here, and here, and here… And my stress is already reducing.

If you’re tired of worrying about money contact me and we will take you through our Financial Freedom Now course and you will absolutely love it. Information is available, underneath our specialty courses link, at

Healing Stories: “My New Business Was Failing…And Then I Did This.”

Healing Stories: “My New Business Was Failing…And Then I Did This.”

Every year in the United States alone millions of people begin to follow the American dream. To own their own business.

For years statistics have told us that it takes anywhere from 3 to 5 years to create a successful business from scratch. But the percentage of businesses that make it big are small compared to the numbers that go under .

For the past 27 years, number one best-selling author, counselor, life coach and radio host David Essel has helped thousands of people to create successful businesses. He’s helped another thousand or more to resurrect their business when it was on the brink of failure.

The story that follows is one of those individuals David worked with, who had all the intentions in the world of creating a successful business, but was about to close it’s doors after only 30 days of being open.

” I remember the call as if it was yesterday. Someone, who I knew very closely, had opened a business with high expectations but 30 days into the business they were failing. Big time. He shared with me that he might have to close the doors. That he had taken an ad out in the local phone book, this is way before the Internet, and his phone was not ringing at all.

I asked him what other steps he had done regarding that working? Cold calls? Visiting other businesses?

His answer was really typical of a brand new business owner… “I think I told you, I took an ad out in the phonebook and I thought that’s all I would need to do.”

And this is what a lot of business owners, new business owners, do. They believe, only because they haven’t had the experience, that as long as they have ads out somewhere, local paper, nowadays we could say local ads on social media… That the business will just begin to grow.

I understand that mindset because 37 years ago when I opened my first business I had the same belief system. That if you do something good people should just come.

It’s not that easy… As we find out the longer we try to stay in business.

So I asked him if he was willing to work really hard for the next 90 days and that if he did what I recommended I thought he could probably pull his business out of the dumpster and get it heading full steam down hill where he could be successful for a very long period of time. The only catch was, I told him, he would have to do some things that were really uncomfortable.

Many times when people’s backs are against the wall we will eventually, hopefully, do things that we would rather not do on a daily basis to create great success.

He agreed. So I told him I wanted him to map out the various strip malls in his area. He had a brand new fax machine repair business and I wanted him to pull into a strip mall every day and walk into the doors of a minimal of 10 business as a starting point .

You could’ve heard a pin drop after I made that recommendation. LOL. Which is very very normal. Cold calling sucks. It’s hard. Because of the potential rejection, which can go up to 95%, most of us will do anything in the world other than cold call on businesses.

After the silence he said yes he would. And I told him that what I would do is when he got to the strip mall to call me and I would take him through a series of mental exercises to prepare him for what he was about to run into. Whether it was a buzz saw rejection, or someone with a smiling face, he had to have the same demeanor.

The first couple weeks of doing this was absolutely Hell he told me. But after that there was a shift in his perspective. And this is normal of anytime we try to do something new. When we are going to face rejection 95% of the time, who the hell wants to do that?

But he did it anyway. And eventually, after one year in business, he was seeing and reaping the benefits of his hard work.

24 years later, I am proud to say that my brother, Terry Essel, has created an incredibly successful office machine and toner business. He never gave up. He did the uncomfortable. Driving into a new strip mall every day, going to do 10 to 12 businesses every day, was the only way to save his business and he did it.

His business, called, has saved people up to 60% off of toners for everything from home office equipment to large multi function machines in major corporations for people from all over the world.

His contract with large hospitals and more has allowed him to create the life he’s always wanted to create. He has time to enjoy life while continuing to grow the business.

I am so proud of him because he’s an example of what I’ve been teaching for over 27 years. That if you want great success with your attitude, money, body, recovery, or relationships you’ve got to work your butt off. Positive thinking will never do it alone. He is the perfect example of someone who was willing to dive into the fire, to create a successful business that he’s always wanted.

If I can help you, contact me at and we will work together to take your business to the next level.”

Healing Stories: From Foreclosure to Millionaire. You can do it too!

Healing Stories: From Foreclosure to Millionaire

Imagine this. You’re a single dad, two young children, and you just lost every penny to your name. You recently found out that your house will be taken away from you, and you have no idea what you’re going to do in life.

What would you do? The above scenario is the life my very good friend Ray Higdon actually lived. A number of years ago, as the real estate market crashed, Ray contacted me to see if I had any thoughts on what he should be doing to try to get out of the jam he was in.

After we met, I just looked at him and told him that I thought that he had the passion and energy to become super successful once again in life. And if he used his skills and talents, and found something he really believed in to sell, that he would find himself out of this situation never to return.

As Ray recalls in our number one best-selling book to which he was a participant in, he went home depressed, anxious.

He then went out and bought the book “The Secret” and tried to do everything they recommended for the next 30 days. Affirmations. Vision boards. And more. And after 30 days he found himself in a worse situation than he could’ve ever imagined.

He found a network marketing company that he believed in and read about a practice of going after 20 rejections a day. It didn’t sound like a lot of fun, because it’s not, but he was willing to do whatever it took for as long as it took to get out of his current financial crisis.

He never stopped calling friends, strangers, associates for the next several months. Every day he would stop only when he had 20 rejections… When 20 people told him no thank you he would stop for the day. But obviously when you’re going through that much rejection you’re going to find some people who are interested in getting on board and selling what you are selling.

Several years later, with persistent daily effort, he was earning $50,000 a month. That’s $600,000 a year for a guy that just a couple years earlier had nowhere to live and was struggling just to survive with his children.

Ray and his wife Jessica earn much more than that today. His drive has carried them forward. His willingness to risk rejection over and over and over lead to the breakthrough that now he helps other people to experience.

Many people in his situation would’ve thrown up their hands and become a victim .

How about you? Are you faced with some type of hurdle and you need an incredible healing… But you’re not willing to do the work? With your health? Money? Relationship? Career? Addiction? Spiritual path?

Regardless of what we’ve been told by many well-meaning teachers in the world of personal growth, unless it’s a miracle, the only way out of your current situation is to work your butt off. To get uncomfortable. Day after day after day.

Who is your accountability partner? If you’re truly ready to change and make it big you’re going to have to have a mentor, consultant, coach, counselor, personal trainer… Any huge goal most of us will never be able to achieve on our own. And that’s not bad. That’s just reality.

I want you to live the life that you desire. I know these healing stories can be motivational for you, me and everyone around us. But only if you’re willing to do the work, get uncomfortable, become persistent just like Ray Higdon was in order to radically change our lives.

You deserve what you desire. But… Only if you’re willing to do the work necessary to create the life you want.

Share this story with your friends. If you know someone who is struggling regardless of what area of life the struggle is happening… Share this story. And if you need help, reach out to someone who will hold you accountable to the changes that you need to make.

As I’ve said millions of times in my lectures, and in my books, I would never have gotten sober on my own… Or broken through financial problems… Or healed relationships… Or radically changed my body… Or anything else big. It’s always been because I’ve had coaches and mentors to hold me accountable on the way.

If I can help you, email me at

David Essel is the number one best-selling author, counselor, life coach and inspirational speaker whose mission is to help every individual possible, to achieve the life they deserve and desire.

David Essel on Fox TV! Financial Freedom, Part 1

We all want financial freedom, but where do we begin?

Watch this short video from Fox TV.

Love, david

YOUR Attitude about MONEY Really MATTERS!


How we think, what we think about money really matters!

Watch this super short video to see what I mean.    Love, david

Money and Attitude equals great wealth…Watch this short video.

If our attitude about money is not healthy: shame, guilt, resentments could be running the show.


Which will make our effort to create great wealth impossible.


Watch our short video, then rock it!


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Participants will learn the keys to creating a financially free state of mind and life. For the past 23 years, David has interviewed the top masters of money in the USA, (like Harv Eker, Suze Orman, Joe Cirulli and Dr. Joe Vitale from The Secret!), and has now created a program that combines tips from the greatest financial teachers alive today into one jam-packed, success-oriented, 1-1/2-hour Master Seminar!

Participants will walk away with the following:

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4.  David will show you, that with the right mindset and action steps, it is possible to never worry about money again.

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About David Essel

David Essel, M.S. is an Author, National Radio and Television Host, Master Life, Business and Relationship Coach, Adjunct Professor, All Faiths Minister, Addiction Recovery Coach and International Speaker. His mission is to inspire others to reach their own exceptional potential in their business and personal life. His purely positive national radio show of 23 years, “David Essel Alive!,” is heard on the air every Monday from 6-9pm EST. David’s professional presentations on how to lead a passionate and inspiring life have drawn rave reviews from corporations such as Chico’s, Nestlé, and Boeing, media outlets such as FOX and Premiere/Clear Channel Radio, as well as non-profit organizations like the March of Dimes and Unity Church. David Essel offers coaching and group sessions via phone to anywhere in the world. For more information call visit (

365 day video blog: Financial Freedom

Our 365 day video journal continues!

We all want it, financial freedom……but where do we start?

love, david

When we think of being $60,000 in debt and then going on to create financial freedom, we think of the lottery. =)

Praying for a windfall, at least many of us do.

Watch this video to see how the Simson’s did it, in a very realistic way.

You can do the same.

If I can help you, just send an email to

No one needs to struggle financially any more.

Love, David