FOX TV: From Dealing With Loss, To Becoming a Millionaire!


In order to deal with the loss of a loved one, or marriage, we must go deep into the painful emotions. In order to become a millionaire we must do really hard work.

Watch as David shares on FOX TV the truth about successful people from all walks of life.

David on FOX TV: Is Positive Thinking a Hoax?

Is “Positive Thinking” a Hoax?

David returns to FOX TV to answer the question: Is the industry built on “Positive Thinking” a hoax?  Is it possible that we have been convinced that positive thinking can change our life…When in reality it cannot?

Watch this super short video right now!


Different Types of Depression and What to do!

Did you know there are several different types of depression? David explains what this means and how to help deal with it!

Watch this super short FOX4 TV video to see what we mean…

Enhancing Love In a Relationship

Fox 4 TV – How to Stay Motivated in Life!

David talking about “How to Stay Motivated in Life!”

Beating Procrastination, David on Fox TV The Morning Blend

We all procrastinate, and we even procrastinate on our attempts to break procrastination!

Watch this short TV segment as David shares with Fox TV how to beat procrastination.