Healing Stories: Counselor Faces Huge Anxiety in the Face of Hurricane Irma

Healing Stories: Counselor Faces Huge Anxiety in the Face of Hurricane Irma

It’s not often that we hear the gut wrenching truth from a mental health professional about facing their own anxiety in one of the biggest storms in life.

But that’s what is one of many things that separates David Essel, A number one best-selling author, counselor, life coach and radio host from so many other individuals in this world… Is that he’s willing to share his vulnerable moments as well as his powerful ones.

David is still suffering from the effects of hurricane Irma as this article is being written. He finally found a hotel to stay in after four nights of sleeping in a home without electricity and temperatures reaching 100° every evening. David shares what he believes to be the most important keys in dealing with anxiety in life.

“I’ve been through several hurricanes as I’ve lived in Florida for the last 40 years and everyone of them brings a different type of anxiety. Fear. Unsettledness. But the most recent one, hurricane Irma, affected me in a way I had never experienced it before.

The massive size of the hurricane was one thing that we had to all contend with, and as the news reports leading up to the striking of this hurricane became more prevalent, it was obvious this could be the worst ever. Some people were saying it was four or five times the size of hurricane Andrew that absolutely destroyed many communities around Miami Florida.

I live on the West Coast of Florida, Fort Myers Florida, and we weren’t sure if we are going to get a direct hit or not. In the beginning of the forecast it looked like it was going to go up the East Coast of Florida… But that was to change quickly.

My home is in a flood zone so I had arranged a hotel not far from where I live to take myself and my dog because they have generators. I figured what better place to be than 3 to 4 stories above the ground in a hotel with generators. But on the day we were supposed to move in, Saturday, they closed the hotel. Now what the hell do I do?

I started calling around to realtor friends to see if anyone had a home that I could rent for even a week or two or a month in case the damage from the hurricane was that bad. But no one could find anything for me to jump into at the last minute.

I decided not to evacuate because I knew I had a safe place in the hotel but I had no idea that safe place would be taken from underneath me.

I started to call friends of mine and found one, John Biffar, who was out of town and said I could stay in his condominium which might be a little safer than my house. So I moved in with my dog and sat down to battle what could be the storm of the century.

For the past seven days I had been planning for this. Plenty of food. Water. Flashlights. Everything I could possibly need if it was going to be an extended stay outside of my house.

But then things started to change on the news. It looked like Irma was taking a direction towards Fort Myers and away from Miami. At about 3 o’clock in the afternoon I lost it. Tears started streaming down my face. I was on the ground floor condominium, not far from a major river, and if we did get a direct hit I was Surely going to be flooded out of here as well.

As tears streamed down my face, I looked down and there was my dog Saint looking up at me, I told him that I was human, I was afraid, and we would make it through somehow.

I know, as a counselor, that the most important thing to do with emotions when we’re feeling them is to actually feel them! So I started writing. Journaling. And then I posted on Facebook, something I never do about my personal life, because I knew it was time to do so. There are millions of other people I’m sure that felt the same way I did, but probably were not going to share it in a public setting.

So I posted a very short note on Facebook that this huge wave of anxiety had just passed through me, tears are streaming down my face, I was feeling the effects of a potential direct hit from the hurricane Irma, and it’s OK. This is what we’re supposed to do. When we feel deep anxiety, depression, rage, resentments, we need to feel them, write about them to help process these emotions out of our body

This is not something that men are taught how to do. Many women refuse to express deep emotions as well. But I knew that by posting this on Facebook not only would I be human, because the fear was real, but I might actually help other people to realize it’s OK for them to go deep into their feelings as well.

The outpouring on Facebook was immediate. Many people posted underneath my post that they “were feeling the same thing and thank you for giving them a voice. Thank you for allowing your emotions to touch ours. We are all in this together.”

And this is what I have based my work on for 27 years now. When people come in and they’re going through a life trauma, one of life’s many big storms, addiction, divorce, bankruptcy, extreme weight gain, I help individuals to process their emotions over and over again instead of hiding them, stuffing them, or pretending they’re not there.

The results is instantaneous but you need to keep processing these emotions with the different tools we use on a daily basis in order for them not to get stuck in our bodies, minds and spirits.

My anxiety was well-founded. We did get a direct hit and by the time Irma hit us thank God she was down to a category 2. But as I write this, nine days later, I have moved to a hotel room with air-conditioning awaiting the power to come back on in my life. Every day I write about what I’m actually feeling, being displaced, I’m uncertain of when I can go home. I will survive, thrive and more, and one of the reasons why is because I’m allowing myself to be human, to feel, to process, to heal.”

***When tragedy hits… Americans come together. It’s what we’ve done since the beginning of time. And today, with the combined tragedy of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, is no different. David Essel is a counselor, life coach, best-selling author, radio host and an all faith a minister who has personal experience in the tragedy of hurricanes.

“Unfortunately, I know the devastation of hurricanes on a very personal level. I am now offering, to all of the victims of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, 20 minute phone sessions to help alleviate stress, calm nerves, and anything else I can do.” Says David.

Some of the areas David can help are as followed:

1. Anxiety
2. Frustration
3. Depression
4. Anger
5. Sadness
6. Grief
7. Prayer.

As an all faith minister, David can work with people of all spiritual and or religious backgrounds. Nonreligious people: David will help you with your challenges that have nothing to do with prayer, religion, or spirituality.

“Reach out to your friends and family. Ask professionals in your area for help. The only way to get through these difficult times is to have faith, work as a community and to look for solutions to take care of your immediate needs. I hope I can be part of that solution, and will look forward to helping as many people as I can,” says Essel.

Please e-mail Davidʼs office at and one of his staff members will set up your time for a one-on-one 20 minute session over the phone at no charge.  See here for more info

For more for Information on David, visit his website

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A Powerful Story About Health and Healing…

Give yourself the gift of health this holiday season!

So many women and men across the world suffer from hormonal imbalances that lead to low energy, increased body fat and zero sex drive.

Here is an amazing story of one woman’s recovery of her energy, health and more!

before and after

Before and After

“This is my journey. It really begins at the age of 40. Gold bikini, gold body paint, gold boots. Let’s just say, it was a golden era coming to an end. I won the contest. Competition was stiff with girls half my age at the James Bond party at Staniel Key Yacht Club in Exumas, Bahamas. I had won this contest 2 years earlier in a white bikini, white boots at 38. I worked out almost every day and wanted to. I would swim great distances, bike, jump rope counting to 1000, play singles tennis for an hour and ski black diamonds. My energy knew no bounds. My age has never stopped me from anything and never defined who I was. Well, that was then…

Flash forward 1 year later. I was virtually unrecognizable. My face and body bloated. My workouts no longer gave me muscles and quite frankly no longer did I want to work out. I have been passionate about exercise since my teens. I did not have the same desire or the energy. My hair falling out, my skin dry and dull and aging way too fast. I was only 41. Is this what I have to look forward to? Yup, and it goes downhill from there.

For me, it was not just about looking good in a bikini. I just wanted to get out of bed in the morning and not feel as if I had just run a marathon all night long. I spent years getting 1 full night of sleep for every 7 nights if I was lucky. I could not find a concealer that could even remotely hide the dark and deep circles under my eyes.

As each year passed, my symptoms got worse. While I was able to lose weight over the years, it was a huge struggle and one that I had to almost starve myself to achieve. I gained a belly. I went from a stomach where people would ask me what I did to get the muscles so defined to a stomach that no matter what I did, it remained. Since my body could no longer tone, cellulite became more pronounced. I even saw a little on my arms. Can you imagine cellulite is now what you see on your arms instead of a nice bicep???!!!!!!

In August of 2015, at the age of 47, I said “Enough is enough.!!!!” I cannot control what has happened to my body, my spirit, my mind and what will continue to happen to my body, my spirit, my mind if I do not do something. I refused to live like this any longer!

I researched my symptoms but already knew before I even looked, that I had far too much estrogen, way too little progesterone, virtually no testosterone and a thyroid barely functioning.

I made an appointment with a hormone specialist. This was primarily about hormones and I wanted a Doctor who specialized in this field. I decided on Body Logic MD after much research. They had a great track record, and were local. Can I come today???? I was soooo anxious to have these strange, unwelcome changes validated (meaning, I was not crazy) and assured that these can go away or at least get better.

I had to wait until October. You see, it’s all very scientific. I had to wait until the paperwork for the blood tests was sent and wait for the box full of vials to collect my urine and then wait……for another month to time it with my monthly cycle. Even at 48, my cycle comes like clockwork, almost to the exact day each month. In the chaos of everything else wrong in my body, fortunately it did not affect my period. Ladies, never wish for your period to stop! When it stops, you stop. If are not doing anything to replace the lost hormones, you will rapidly age.

I must digress a moment to also mention I completed a background on my health to include my supplements/vitamins/prescriptions, surgeries, activity level, sleep activity, stress activity, sexual activity, overall feelings, etc….It took me 2 hours.

I was counting down the days till my appointment. Finally the day arrived. I meet Dr. Negrin. I immediately feel at ease. Here is someone who not only gets what is happening to me but has the answers to help me.

For the next hour, Dr. Negrin is all mine and I am all hers. I tell her upfront what I believe to be wrong with me and why. Of course, she has already reviewed my file, my background, and my labs and knows exactly what is wrong with me. She smiles and says “You know your body!”

What I was not prepared for were the additional issues. I was correct, I had too much estrogen but….estrogen of the kind that causes cancer and I had a boatload of it. Next, I had almost no progesterone. I called that one. This hormone is what helps balance out the estrogen. This became our biggest obstacle and priority

over everything has that was wrong with me. The “BIG C” was not something I expected to hear. Cancer, me???? Fortunately, Dr. Negrin was aggressive and after my next appointment approx 3 months later, this was now in a normal range and has remained so. I am one of the lucky ones!

Next, we talk about a hormone called Pregnenolone. What on earth is that? This apparently is referred to as the “Mother hormone” and I depleted that because it was so busy trying to fix everything else.

Testosterone. Yes, ladies (and gents) women NEED Testosterone. It is what gives us energy, muscle and drives our sexuality. Yes, we are talking SEX!!!!! And I cannot capitalize, emphasize, predicate, and shout it enough. I like sex. Always have. But somewhere down the line, my drive to have it became less. Still enjoyed it but I wanted to be the one to initiate it. Know what I mean?!!!!! My testosterone reading was a 7 when it should have been at least a 30 for a woman my age. We are still tweaking this and I recently went from the cream to a pellet surgically inserted into a butt cheek. I already feel the difference in my energy and my muscle definition. Sex, well its coming…. 🙂

I was anxious to hear about my thyroid. I had suspected an issue with my thyroid for quite a few years. It was actually worse than I suspected. Not entirely dead, but basically. We have had to increase the dosage on this each time and I now believe I am on the correct dosage. I have nails. I have entire eyebrows. I am not always cold. I sleep through the night. I lost weight. In one year, 20 lbs. My belly has muscles again!!!

The other issues I found out concerned trace minerals and vitamins that were dangerously low. I had no iron, no zinc, and no magnesium. Dr. Negrin then proceeded tell me that the acid reflux pills that I had been on for approx. 4 years, had not only killed the acid, it killed everything else. I recall her saying, “How do you get out of bed?” “How are you taking kick boxing and doing Karate and playing tennis?” “How do you not get sick with colds, sore throats, etc?” I replied “It takes every part of my being and my drive to be this active.” She then asked me to “wean” myself off of the pills. I went home and found the nearest trash can and have not taken an acid reflux pill since. That pill was replaced with a

natural probiotic. It worked!!!! It did take 6 months for my labs to show a normal reading for these minerals but I had so depleted my body, it did not know how to absorb or process these good things.

So, here we are, it’s approximately 1 year later, my life has changed. I would be remiss if I did not mention I started doing Karate a few months before I started hormone replacement and this has greatly helped with my memory (and my patience). I started kickboxing in December of last year which has also helped greatly improve my physique. I do both Karate and Kick boxing at Champion Karate in Lake Mary and highly recommend this studio.

I do kickboxing almost every day and even teach the occasional kick box class. I want to! My body has completely changed. I have indentions on the side of my buttocks. I have muscle definition throughout my body. It is a very intense workout. It has also helped with my weight loss. BUT, and I do mean BUT, without the hormone replacement, my results would be significantly less. How do you gain muscle if you have no testosterone? How do you lose weight if you have no testosterone and a non-working thyroid? You don’t.

I have great skin, great hair, great nails, and great eyebrows. My friends ask me what I am doing. This is not a secret. I tell them. I encourage them.

I am most thrilled with the energy I have. I just ran the Savage Race in mid-October. That’s almost an 11 kilometer, 27 obstacle course. I ran it. I completed 23 of the 27 obstacles. Even wanting and desiring to do this before I started hormone replacement, I would not have. I could not have. There just would not have been enough energy or the strength.

I sleep EVERY night and the whole night. It’s rare that I get up and cannot fall back asleep. My mind is clearer. I remember more.

I decided to do this article because I wanted women to know they do not have to live life in a fog. It’s not a secret. I want every woman to feel like I do. To truly be the best that they can be with a body and a mind they can now control. Of course, diet and exercise play a part and Dr. Negrin encourages both. I cannot say enough about Body Logic MD and Dr. Jennifer Negrin.

In short, growing old gracefully? Not if it means not sleeping, having to starve to keep weight down, potentially breaking bones and injuring tendons, no energy to even get out of bed, not remembering, hair falling out by the handful ….that’s not graceful.

With Bio-Identical hormones, it’s still you but a better you!!!!!”

For more information about Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, please visit or call (888) 799-5821 for more info!

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