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Healing Stories: Finances – From Dead Broke to Financially Free.


Healing Stories: Finances – From Dead Broke to Financially Free.

Carrying financial debt is probably one of the most incredible stressors that we can face on a daily basis. But the truth is we don’t have to live this way if you’re willing to change our approach to income, expenses and debt .

For the last 27 years, counselor, life coach, radio host and number one best-selling author David Essel has helped thousands of people to shatter financial stress in order to lead a healthier and more productive life.

The story below is one of David’s clients who came to him totally stressed about her life in general and at the end of their work together found financial freedom in a most interesting way.

“I’ll never forget the first session with Angela from the west coast of the United States, as she went on sharing with me about how stressful her life was. She wanted me to help her with organization as her house was a mess, relationship in turmoil, even her work… The list went on and on.

Within a few weeks though it was evident that there was one thing in her life that was really causing 90% of her turmoil. It had to do with her income. It was so low that no matter how much she tried to watch her expenses she could never make ends meet.

(Now as a sidenote in teaching my course, Financial Freedom Now, I can tell you that there’s only a small percentage of people who are struggling financially where it’s their lack of income that’s the number one problem. For most people their real struggle is their daily, weekly and monthly expenses that they’re not paying close enough attention to. In other words, they’re buying whatever they want when they want to even if it’s not within their budget.)

Angela’s situation was quite different. She had a high school diploma, was working in a bank, making minimum wage and it wasn’t enough at all for her to even cover her monthly bills.

Now this part is shocking. After our initial few sessions she asked me what would it take in order for her to turn her life around. And I said quite honestly it would take 90 days of working with me five days a week and your financial situation would radically improve!

Now she didn’t know what to do. Her friends and family said do not pay this coach, this financial counselor, any money where you’re going to work with him that much. You don’t have the money. It’s too expensive.  It will never work.

But for some reason Angela believed in what I said. She signed up. We talked five days a week for 90 straight days! She would get up at 4:30 in the morning her time to do our sessions. Then at the end of working nine hour days, she would put two hours every night Monday through Friday into doing the homework I gave her, helping her to search for a new job.

She worked her butt off. She did more in 90 days than most people do in two years when they’re trying to turn their financial situation around. No matter what I asked her, how many people to contact, how many emails to send out, how many job interviews to go on she never said no.

And the end result? In 90 days, she was offered a job at double her income! And a few days later? She got another job even offering her more money!

But, and this is a big but, she did the work, I must repeat this, that most people won’t do. If you’re serious about changing your financial situation follow Angela’s role and do those things that you’d rather not do.

Get outside of your comfort zone.

Hire someone, whether it’s me or someone else, to teach you about budgeting. About decreasing expenses. So many people I’ve worked with have told me that there’s no way they can decrease their expenses but three weeks into the program they look at me shaking their head thinking oh my Lord! I can cut here, and here, and here… And my stress is already reducing.

If you’re tired of worrying about money contact me and we will take you through our Financial Freedom Now course and you will absolutely love it. Information is available, underneath our specialty courses link, at

Healing Stories: Inspiring – From Scrubbing Toilets to Living in a $2 Million Condominium

Healing Stories: From Scrubbing Toilets to Living in a $2 Million Condominium


So many people complain that life isn’t fair. That it shouldn’t be this hard. That money should come easier… Or losing weight… Or finding their soulmate.

While other people do what they need to do to create the life they want.

Number one best-selling author, counselor, life coach and radio host David Essel has had a chance to interview and to meet the most inspiring people from all over the world who have created the absolute dream life they’ve always wanted.

One of those people, who David is going to share today in his story, is an example of perseverance, persistence, attitude and more.

You can do the same. If you’re willing to do the hard work, the work that most of us push aside, in the hopes of a miracle. Winning the lottery. Or having your soulmate come to the front door delivering your pizza. Let’s get real. And learn from David’s experiences with a woman who he will never forget meeting.

” A number of years ago I was blessed to meet a woman who I had no idea had accomplished so much, with such meager beginning’s.

As I walked down the beach we started chatting and the conversation turned in a direction that literally blew my mind.

It started out with small talk. It’s a beautiful day. How long have you lived here. What do you do for a living. Just the normal things that you talk about when you meet a stranger for the first time.

But then, from out of the blue, the conversation turned amazing. I was about to find out that this young woman was raised in eastern Europe with very little money, encouragement, and hopes for a better life.

Her family lived in a one room house. Siblings, mom and dad, and grandma and grandpa altogether. For Christmas the big gift that everyone received was their own individual bar of soap.

Please read the above statement. Think about it. The greatest gift to the world that these people had at that time was to have their own individual bar of soap. Are you still going to complain about your life right now?

As our conversation continued, it got even more intense. Because she was living under such oppression, her and her boyfriend decided to pay a smuggler to get them out of their country to one where there was more opportunity.

Unfortunately, this smuggler took their money, brought them halfway and then disappeared. They were on their own.

The next thing they knew, when they finally did reach the initial destination, is that there were no more jobs there than the country they left. They were screwed.

Through the grace of God, or maybe a miracle, they ended up meeting people that said they could actually get them to the United States. But once they got there, and this is legally, they would have to work menial jobs regardless of the fact that they were skilled craftsmen or teachers.

Upon arriving here her first job was scrubbing toilets at a low end motel. She knew there was more to life but there was no one that would hire her because she did not even know English.

She started to learn English and learned enough of it that she got a waitress job at a diner which was a huge jump up the career ladder.

One day in the newspaper she saw a big ad that said “Live the American dream. Become a real estate agent.”

She saved, and saved, and saved all of her tips from the restaurant, and went to the first class to become a real estate agent and live the American dream. She walked up to the instructor and put an envelope filled with $291 bills. Her entire life savings, and in broken English told him that she wanted to become a real estate agent.

He said that he was sorry but because she barely spoke English and could not write anything in English that she would never be able to pass the test.

She begged, and begged, and begged some more until the instructor finally said OK I will stay after every class and help you learn English, but I still don’t think you have a chance in hell of passing this test.

She woke up every morning at 3 o’clock, took the bus to be at the small diner that she worked at by 4 AM, and then went to the class from six until 10 PM every night. The next day? The same routine. She was determined.

She studied. She practiced her English. She practiced reading. She was the hardest working student this guy had ever seen. And when she took the real estate exam, she passed with flying colors on the very first attempt!

From there she continued to save money. She found a mentor, an older real estate agent that was about to retire, and did everything this woman said. In the beginning she was simply a runner. She would run to peoples homes with contracts to sign. She would run to houses to drop off an extra set of keys. And eventually the woman trusted her enough to give her more responsibility in learning how to list and sell homes.

Here I am, walking down the beach, talking to this amazing success story and having no idea what she went through to get to the place that she was. As we passed her condo, she pointed up to the floor that she was directly beachfront, and I knew right then and there it was at least a $2 million condominium.

Her attitude was amazing. Her faith was incredible. Even though she had gone through many many struggles after becoming a real estate agent not one day went by that she wasn’t learning more about the world of motivation, inspiration, and the power of filling her brain with positive thoughts, and that, combined with her incredible work ethic, brought her the American dream.

Read the above story many times. Don’t leave anything out. Then look in the mirror. If you say you want a great body, more money, a better relationship. Are you willing to get off your butt and work as hard as this young lady did with all of the odds in the world stack against her?

Unfortunately, so many Americans are lazy as hell. We want it all but we don’t want to do the work.

If you need help, with determination, passion, drive, contact me. For 37 years I have help millions of people to create the life of their dreams. By sharing stories like the one above. Now it’s your turn, to do what you’d rather not do to create the life you’ve always wanted.”



Humility is a sign of greatness. How humble are you?

Join David as he shares stories of humility regarding his work with Deepak Chopra and NFL great Floyd Little.


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We’ve been told for years, that if we just got motivated enough, with a motivated mindset, we could accomplish anything we want.

That if we had a motivated , positive mindset, we could achieve greatness.


Why do so many people struggle with motivation? Why do some people expect that a book or a lecture is going to change their life?

Why are so many people attracted to falsehoods like “the law of attraction ” to bring them checks in the mail, or their soulmate?

Why do so few people… Let me repeat, why do so few people in the United States of America, have the body they want?

Why do so few people in America… have the money they desire?

As a number one best-selling author, I know the answer… to shatter the illusion of the power of the mind… Of affirmations… Of vision boards…

As I explain in our book, “Positive Thinking Will Never Change Your Life…” the major problem with why people don’t have the money, body, love life they want is because of something we termed in 1996 “human nature”.

“Human nature is our desire to get the most out of life with minimal effort”.

For the millions of people who still buy in to teachings like the Law of Attraction, we must ask ourselves, why after practicing the principles, do I still struggle with money? Or my weight? Or love?

We have hit on something huge here! If you’re going to go to a weekend personal growth workshop and expect to change… Save your money… In our book we outline the secret of millionaires, bodybuilders, people with lasting beautiful love relationships…

You can have what you want… If you’re willing to get extremely uncomfortable, and we prove this point with over 100 success stories of people who never thought they could achieve the life of their dreams. But they have.

Now you can have the same thing.

A motivated mindset is not enough. Motivation for most of us is fickle, here 1 week gone the next.

The answer? Stop wishing for success and go take it!

Like millionaire Ray Higdon, who created an incredible business in sales by prospecting daily….he never stopped cold calling until he got 20 rejections a day.

Or my client Tracy, who lost 80 pounds in a year, by going to the gym 6 days a week, at 10 pm, the only time it could fit into her schedule.




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