Healing Stories: Persistence – Never give up! It took me 21 years to get this…

Healing Stories: Persistence – Never give up! It took me 21 years to get this…

In our current world instant gratification is everything. It seems that if we don’t get what we want out of love, a weight loss program, a financial goal, within a very short period of time many of us just give up. And it was not always like this. If we look back to even 50 years ago it seemed the people had a hell of a lot more persistence and determination than we do today.

Number one best-selling author, counselor, life coach and radio host David Essel has helped thousands of people over the last 27 years understand the power of persistence.

It’s not sexy.  It’s not what many people want to hear. But if we can hold onto the power of discipline, persistence, and dedication so many of our goals are achievable, it just might not be on the timeline we had hoped.

Below is a story that David shares, about one area of his career, that took him 21 years of dedication to accomplish. If you’re willing to fight for your goals you can achieve almost anything.

“As a kid I was a jock. An athlete. All the way through college. I was encouraged along the way to continue to follow the world of athletics, after my playing days were done, by becoming a professional in the world of health and fitness and then working with athletes in the world of mental fitness and sports psychology.

Around 1990 I hit a major block. I went into a deep depression that was partially caused by my addiction to alcohol and drugs.

And even though I was very successful in the world of motivation, health and everything that would be on the opposite side of alcohol and drugs, I had fallen into the trap of using substances to try to deal with the ups and downs in life instead of learning how to deal with the ups and downs of life.

It was during this year that I started to write about emotions. For some reason they came out in poems and other forms of free style writing.

A friend came to visit one day and while I was in the shower she started reading through one of my many folders filled with these writings about loss, addiction, fear, insecurity and more.

When I came out of the shower she was holding this folder and looked up at me with tears in her eyes. “David, this needs to become a book. These are not just your feelings. Everyone could benefit by reading this because we all go through this in various stages of life, the stress, you’re writing about in this book.”

Book? I wasn’t talented enough to write a book were the first thoughts that went through my mind.

But I continued to write. Within another couple of years I had over 300 writings that I minimized down to 150 of my best writings. I decided to find a publisher to see if I could make this a success.

Within a short period of time I found a small publisher in the Northeast that loved the book . They took it on. Just before the book was going to be published they went bankrupt. I got the manuscript back with a note saying sorry we wanted to help you but we just went out of business.

This was my introduction in the world of writing. Oh my Lord, I was devastated. But I persevered and found out about the world of self publishing and in 1996 my first book  “Phoenix Soul: One Man’s Search for Love & Inner Peace” was published.

I thought for sure it was going to be a number one bestseller. And while we did really well with sales we came nowhere near getting any national recognition like that.

We did get some huge endorsements from people like the actress Jenna Elfman, which obviously helped put me on the map as a writer, but it wasn’t what I had intended. I wanted a number one best-selling book.

I continued to write and release more books over the next 21 years. Every book I released, all nine of them, I envisioned to be a number one bestseller. I invested so much time, money and effort to no avail. The books coming out were doing OK with sales but none of them hitting the level I had envisioned 21 years earlier.

And this is the story of discipline, perseverance, persistence. It doesn’t guarantee that you’re going to be super successful but without these three attributes we don’t have a chance to change our lives or the lives of others around us.

And finally, after writing nine books and taking 20 years plus to get the nine books out, we hit a number one bestseller!

That book “Positive Thinking Will Never Change Your Life But This Book Will… The myth of positive thinking, the reality of success” took off and created the end result of all of my hard work, dreaming, discipline, persistence and more.

This is been such a huge lesson for me in life in general. I can be very impatient. How about you? With your weight loss? Money goals? Love goals? It’s so easy to be so damn impatient.

But the whole message of this story is to never give up. You never know when you’re going to run into that perfect individual for you for a long term relationship if that’s what you want. You never know when it comes to losing weight when you’re finally going to reach that space in life where you decide to give it your all. The same with sobriety.

I have found along the way that one of the greatest aids is to make sure you have accountability professionals, coaches, counselors, publicist, personal trainers, financial advisors… The list goes on and on.

Don’t try to achieve huge goals on your own. No one before us has basically done that. Almost everyone I’ve interviewed who has been super successful in life has had accountability partners and more to help them succeed when they feel like giving up. And was it worth it waiting 21 years to get a number one best-selling book? Hell yes! I wouldn’t believe I’d be saying that 21 years ago, but today I can tell you it’s been amazing.

The new people I’ve met, either readers of the book who emailed us, or even people like celebrity Jenny McCarthy. I never would’ve had a chance to meet and be on her show so many times without a number one best-selling book.

I want you to have the same attitude, persistence, perseverance and discipline. You are worth your goals. And if I can help you, email us through our website It’s never too late. Remember that. It’s never too late.”


Healing Stories: “How Do We Change The Way We Think?” An Interview With David Essel



Kamala Chambers: On this episode, we’re going to be talking about what’s missing from the power of positive thinking and achieving success when you change the way you think.

Today, we are here with the man whom Jenny McCarthy calls the new leader of the positive thinking movement, David Essel.
He is a best-selling author, a radio host, a master coach, and an inspirational speaker, and we’re thrilled to have him here.

Luis Congdon: All right, Thriving launchers, we’re here with David Essel. We’re excited to have you here on the show.
David, are you ready to launch?

David Essel: Luis, Kamala, I am more than ready! I’ve been waiting for you guys! I’ve been waiting ever since this was appointed, and we’re going to kick butt today.

Luis Congdon: One of the things I love about your work is it synchronizes with something I’m working on currently with one of my coaches which are about how to change the way you think, and I love it.

It’s funny because for some reason I looked up here, which typically, I stare right at my microphone. I looked up, and I saw this book, The Magic of Thinking Big. That’s a very well-known book.

You have a book that came out not that long ago talking about the myth of positive thinking and how important it is to change the way you think.

I’m curious. Your previous work was all about positive thinking and the secret comes out. You’ve got people like Shakti Gawain, who’s been out for a long time, and they’re all about visualization, and “think your way positive into things,” and you’re saying, “Hey, wait. That’s not the whole formula.”

What is the missing piece then? If positive thinking is only a piece of it, what’s missing?

To Have Success, Change The Way You Think

David Essel: Luis, Kamala, the reality of success, if it was simple that we could visualize the Mazzaroth if we could visualize the million dollar home, and put it in a box, and put it in storage, and five years later, somehow magically turned into that house. We would all be different right now. You guys wouldn’t have a podcast. I wouldn’t be a counselor and a coach.

Kamala Chambers: It’s true.

David Essel: There would be not one darn thing needed in this world if that stuff works.

I’m going to make a reference to Gandhi. I love his life story, and a lot of people don’t know his story. Just like a lot of people have never read enough about Nelson Mandela to know his background. He was a terrorist for God sake. He was a peace abiding attorney turned terrorist. He didn’t go to prison because he was a choir boy for 27 years, and Gandhi has a similar background.

Change The Way You Think About Some Beliefs

David Essel: I’m going to make an analogy to my beliefs system changing regarding positive thinking and being able to change the way you think with Gandhi.

When Gandhi came back to India to revolutionize the country hopefully, and to try to find a peaceful separation from British rule, there was a period where he was encouraging Indians to pick up rifles to stand next to their British counterparts as a team and union, and any dissenters to fire when needed. That’s a pretty radical different Gandhi that a lot of people think of Gandhi.

After Gandhi was on this mantra of “Take up your arms and be with our brother British citizens,” He found one day that he was wrong. Just like Nelson Mandela in prison realized he was wrong.

David Essel realized he was wrong after 16 years of preaching the insanity that’s out there still today, which whatever you believe you can achieve, and thoughts become things, and the universe is conspiring to meet your needs. And guys, it’s all a bunch of crap.

You Are Welcome To Change The Way You Think

Luis Congdon: And David, I know you’re about to say something powerful, but Thriving Launchers, I just want to affirm something I’m already getting out of this, and I think is powerful. It is you’re welcome to change the way you think. You’re welcome to have breakthroughs.

You don’t have to stick with something and think it’s the Holy Grail and become brittle with that mindset. David has changed. Gandhi changed. Malcolm X is another great example of somebody that changed. Freud also had a huge revelation about being able to change the way you think.

Thriving Launchers, just let this be one of the first lessons that we take away from today’s show. It is that you can change an. You can change the way you think. You can have a transformation, and what was your bible can change and become something new.
Go ahead and continue there.

Entrepreneurs, You Should Change The Way You Think, Drop Your Old Beliefs And Pick New Ones

David Essel: If you’re an entrepreneur, you should regularly be changing. You should be dropping your old beliefs and picking up new ones.

There’s nothing in this world that isn’t ever changing, and if you’re not changing as an entrepreneur on a regular basis, you’re behind the eight-ball.

Change The Way You Think To Be A Leader

David Essel: You become a parrot. You become a follower. You might think that you’re a leader, but if you’re not changing your beliefs, and challenging yourself to do things bigger, better, stronger, faster, then you’re behind the eight ball, and I was behind the eight ball.

My early mentors who I love to death and still praise to this day, the late Wayne Dyer, who I dedicated our new book on The Myth Of Positive Thinking too, believe it or not.

David Essel Change The Way You Think Thriving Launch Podcast

Kamala Chambers: Oh, wow!

David Essel: Also, Ram Dass, one of my earliest teachers in the 80’s. These people, I was parroting them, guys. I was doing my very  best, but I was parroting, and that’s what most of us do.

Change The Way You Think About Entrepreneurs Who Makes Radical Mistakes

David Essel: Richard Branson is not a parrot. We need to look at some of these persons who are real entrepreneurs and realized that they make radical mistakes.

If I go back to my story, Richard Branson, when they came out with Virgin Cola, Oh my God, did they get tanked. Pepsi and Coca-Cola, when they found out he was trying to do this, they came and shot him down.

What he did was he raised his hand and said, “Wow. I was wrong,” like “That’s not where we should have gone,” but he tried.

Change The Way You Think To Realize Your Mistakes

David Essel: They tried Virgin condoms. I don’t know guys if you ever heard about that but talk about an oxymoron. Then, he found out that was a mistake, and he said, “Oh my God. I’m sorry.”

David Essel on the show is saying “I was wrong,” From 1980 to 1996. I’d travel the world speaking in front of 5,000 people, saying “Whatever you believe you can achieve, and your thoughts become things,” and all this kind of stuff.

At 1996, I had this biggest smack in the bite. A guy who was one of the most brilliant guru teachers the ever walk the face of this earth, he’s no longer with us. He’s the founder of transcendental meditation, and his name is Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.
Maharishi chose a radio as the only United States out lid in 1996 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of TM or Transcendental Meditation. Through a story that we tell and detail in my book, I’ll just share the snippet of it right here, he woke me up and showed me.

Change The Way You Think And Believe In The Power Of The Mind

David Essel: Now, here is a guy that believes in the power of the mind, and believes apparently in the power of meditation, prayer, and everything else. He snapped me into the reality of how important it is to change the way you think.

This is how it happened.

For 25 years, I was using this affirmation every morning, and I said it with power and energy, I was trained by the guru of all gurus in meditation, and in affirmations. It went like this, “I am a child of God happy, healthy, and sober today.” And I would clap my hands, get out of bed, and go put in another 12 hours, and at eight o’clock every night for more than 25 years, I drank myself to sleep.

Look At What You Do And See If It Has Changed The Way You Think

David Essel: I was a motivational speaker, counselor, coach, and author back then in these days. I was doing everything I’m doing now, and Maharishi woke me up to this reality.

If an affirmation like that was going to work, I think 25 years was enough experience to see if it would work or not. It didn’t work. What worked was me looking in the mirror.

In 1996, Tuesday afternoon at 2:30, coming out of another bench, looking in the mirror and saying, “David Essel, you have no joy.” That was a major wake-up call. That was the first realization that the power of the mind and being able to change the way think is powerful.

The Power Of Visualization To Change The Way You Think

David Essel: Denis Waitley, I’ve been on stage with him. He taught me the power of visualization back in the 80’s. He’s the guy that taught the Olympic athletes, and the astronaut’s visualization.

But here’s the thing. We take snippets of society as reality without the truth behind them.

Jim Carrey has come out recently and said, “Hold on guys. You’re taking my story about the 10 million dollar check that I put in my wallet when I was broke as if that’s what created the 10 million dollar check.” He said, “How ridiculous!” This was on social media the other day.

Change The Way You Think And Work Your Butt Off To Achieve What You Want

David Essel:Jim said, “How ridiculous is that for people to think that you can write a check for a significant amount of money, kick back, and have it come to you.” He said, “I worked my butt off to earn those 10 million dollars,” and he’s trying to set the record straight.

With our new book guys, what we’ve done is we’ve come full circle and said, “You know what? I was wrong. I am sorry. I was parroting. I was doing everything that I’m encouraging entrepreneurs not to do anymore.”

Change The Way You Think And Your Stands To Help Others

David Essel: But then, I didn’t just say I was wrong. I went out and got six New York Times best-selling authors that I’m friends with, and I’ve interviewed numerous times. I got another six people that have come from places like homelessness to become a multi trillionaire, and a woman whose six-year-old son was murdered and she forgave the killer.

I brought these people into the book, and I have them share their stories about how at one time, they also used to preach “You can believe and achieve what you think.” And now, they’ve changed their stands, and now we’re all speaking the same tune which is about to change the way you think constantly.

Create A Powerful Life When You Change The Way You Think

Kamala Chambers: What I appreciate is you shared that pivotal moment where you said to yourself you have no joy.
There’s something so powerful about being willing to embrace our darkness and shadow. Only if we can accept and embrace those parts of ourselves, then we stop maybe “spiritually bypassing.” It’s a word that some people use for that, and just “I’m just going to think myself into where I want.”

Positivity And Action To Change The Way You Think

Kamala Chambers: You’re talking about such important things. You’re talking about positivity but not only that, but also action, and emerging that together.

Just as a side note, I love that it was a transcendental meditator that led you there. That’s kind of how I got my name is. It’s because my parents are transcendental meditators. I love that part of your story. I’m a white girl, and I have a Sanskrit name.

David Essel: Kamala that is beautiful. I love it.

If in the years 27 years of being on the radio, when I look back at every person I’ve interviewed, the late Wayne Dyer, Deepak, Suze Orman, Marianne Williamson, Don Miguel Ruiz, the list goes on and on. Keith Mitchell, a former NFL all-pro linebacker who’s paralyzed, and now, is one of the leading Yoga gurus in the world today.

Change The Way You Think And Work Hard To Sell Books

David Essel: When I interviewed all these people, even though they may speak the words “instant manifestations” and all that nonsense, the reality is, not one of them guys, over the years ever said to me that they created their million selling books by visualizing them or affirming them. Or they saved their marriage after an affair through visualization or energy work.

I’m not saying that affirmations, energy work, visualization aren’t good. Of course, they’re all tools but every one of them if put on the stand today would say they worked their butts off.

The missing ingredient in the world of positive thinking is this very thing.

Change The Way You Think About The Law Of Attraction And The Secret

David Essel: In our book, we even explain psychologically why the secret, the law of attraction, infomercials, and lottery tickets are all the same gig?

Everything I just mentioned, the secret, lottery tickets, infomercials, and the law of attraction say you can achieve great things with minimal effort. That’s how The Secret sold, and I’m bringing The Secret up because it’s well known. 20% of it is excellent. That 20% that’s awesome is the stories that are fun.

Dr. Joe Vitale, who was one of the stars of The Secret, when I had him on my radio show, I said, “Joe, I want just to ask you this quick question. In the book, it tells me you went from homeless to a millionaire, imagining checks coming in the mail and some other propaganda visualization stuff. If that’s all you did, please, tell me that affirmation. Please tell me that visualization.” And he was laughing on the air.

Change The Way You Think About How People Go From Homeless To Millionaire

David Essel: He said, “David, they left out the meat of the work.” and for Joe to go from homeless to a millionaire, he shared with us on the show that he works seven days a week, 12 hour days for years to become a millionaire before The Secret mentioned him.

What they did in the book was they took the real fascinating. They took the Jim Carrey and Joe Vitale and made it into a soundbite, but they left out how hard he worked to make it happen.

In my book, we described this as something that weak, and I thank Maharishi for enlightening and awakening me at that moment because right after then in 1996, we created Life Coach Universe, which is our training organization to train people who want to become life coaches.

Change The Way You Think About How You Can Get The Most Out Of Life

David Essel: One of the things we teach them is something called “human nature.” The definition we created of human nature back in 1996 is this, “It is our desire to get the most out of life with minimal effort.” That is running the show.

Most of us, if we’re given an option of buying a pill for 19.95/month, that we could have anybody we want, we’d probably buy the pill. If we were given an opportunity purchase a pill to become millionaires, we probably would all pay for the pill.

The desire to get the most out of life with minimal effort is what creates huge success for infomercials.

They give the Suzanne Somers, ThighMaster. They showed Susan’s and the models’ incredible body and they go, “God! Just watch TV. Put this thing between your legs.” 19.95 for a month or a year of whatever it is. That’s not real, but it sells.

That’s that happen with the secret and law of attraction. They proposed to us this is how you get the most out of life with minimal effort. Who doesn’t want that?

Change The Way You Think And Go Back To Reality

David Essel: Our book came out and said 20% of what those guys say is 100% accurate. 80% is not so let’s come back to reality.

Kamala Chambers: Let’s talk about that reality a little bit because there are a lot of pieces I’ve found success with. It’s embracing the darkness as we talked about. It’s taking action and also knowing what you want.

Change The Way You Think About Passion

Kamala Chambers: For me, a big part of it is having the passion behind it because if I don’t have the passion, then I don’t have the motivation to make it happen.

We’ve had guests on, and they say “It’s not about passion. It’s a big motivator for me.” But I would love to hear what your success principles that you’re bringing forward that are radically different are.

David Essel: Luis and Kamala, number one is if you haven’t achieved what you want with your body, your money, your love life, your career, your business, your spiritual path, by now on your own, you never will.

Change The Way You Think And Have An Accountability Partner

David Essel: We believe that we just need the next great course or the next great book. What we need is the next great accountability partner that’s going to kick our butt, Kamala. That’s what we need.

We need someone that’s going to hold our feet to the fire that’s going to set us up for success and isn’t going to let us get away with justification, rationalization and denial of why this program won’t work for me because I’m a Virgo, I’m a millennial, or whatever.
We need to someone who’s going to be serious with us. That’s number one.

David Essel Change The Way You Think Thriving Launch Podcast

David Essel: I’ve got a great story. I’m going to tell you about Harv Eker in a second.

That’s number one. You have to invest time, money, and effort into you.

Yes, you may have to scrounge if you don’t have a lot of money. Yes, you may have to do 15-minute coaching sessions or 30-minute counseling sessions or 30-minute business consultations, whatever you can afford. But if it is a big goal, don’t rely on you. If you could have done it, you would have done it already.

Change The Way You Think And Set Up An Action Plan On A Daily Basis

David Essel: Number two is you’ve got to set up an action plan on a regular basis, a minimum of five days a week to accomplish a big goal. You have to prioritize your tasks by doing those things first thing in the morning that you would rather not do.

When I look at the secret sauce of success, it’s an accountability coach, counselor, personal trainer, whatever the gig is, you need to someone beside you. That’s number one.

Change The Way You Think And Do Things You Can’t Stand First

David Essel: Number two is you’ve got to get into the habit of delaying instant gratification and doing the stuff you can’t stand first.

In 1996, my mentor, Joe Cirulli, who went from homeless to a multi trillionaire, we met at a conference, and we became friends, and I asked him to be my mentor. He said yes, and I showed him my action plan, and he goes, “You’ve got it all wrong, David.”

It’s because I had 25 things on my action list, 20 of them exed-out and the five carryovers. I had postponed for a couple of weeks.

He’s looking at this going “These same things are being carried over. Why?” I said, “Honestly, I hate that kind of work.”

Whether it’s social media or networking you don’t want to do, or you’re not good at asking for the sale, or you’re not good at promotions, you got to do that first thing in the morning.

Whatever you’re not good at, you got to do that first thing in the morning.

Be A Different Person When You Change The Way You Think

David Essel: If I just stop right here and we just ended with those tips and this audience, if they follow this advice, will rock their world and be a different person 365 days from now.

Luis Congdon: I think that’s amazing and I’m looking forward to hearing the story about T Harv Eker who was also a guest on our show.

David Essel: Oh god! I love it when I get humbled on these shows with you guys.

Change The Way You Think With The Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind

David Essel:  I’m trying to think when the Secrets of the Millionaire Mind came out. It was probably seven or eight years ago. At that time and it still could be, it was the fastest personal growth book ever to hit New York Times best-seller, and I think it did it in 24 hours or 36 hours. Harv had it set up. He knew what he was doing marketing wise.

The minute the book came out, we had them on the show. During the show, I kept saying to him “Harv, I love the book. I want to hire you as my business coach.” He was laughing and just said “David, we’ll talk about it later.” So I’d ask him another question. I go “Hey, Harv. How about you become my coach?”

After I asked him about four times, finally on the air, he goes “Oh my god, do I have to say Yes?” I go “Yup!” He goes, “Okay. I’ll be your coach. We’ll talk about it afterward.”

The Wake Up Call To Change The Way You Think

David Essel:  We get off the air, and I said, “Hey, I’m serious.” We set up a time. I gave him a call, and he said: “What’s your goal?” I said, “To double my income in 12 months.” He asked me what my income was and he goes “In 12 months, you want to double that?” I go “Yeah.” He goes “That’s a huge goal.” I said “Yeah. That’s what I’m all about.” He goes, “When did you set that purpose originally?” I said, “Two years ago.” He said, “Have you done everything possible in the last two years to make that happen?” I said “Absolutely.”

He goes, “Okay. Here’s my first tip to you. You’re in denial.” I said, “What are you talking about?” He said, “David, if you have that goal for two years, and you haven’t achieved it, you haven’t done everything possible. Yes, it’s a big goal, but you should have reached it by now.”

That was the first wake up call. He said I was in denial.

Change The Way You Think To Interrupt The Pattern

David Essel: Do you guys see a pattern here?

Kamala Chambers: Oh, yeah.

David Essel: I love it.

Kamala Chambers: It’s kind of what we end up going through as people. You repeat these patterns over and over again if you don’t change the way you think.

David Essel: Absolutely.

The first thing is, he’s blowing my mind that I have to admit I’m in denial. He made me accept it. I said, “All right. I’m in denial.”

Change The Way You Think About Having A Coach

David Essel: Then, the second thing he said was, “Since that’s a financial goal, who’s your business coach?” I said “You.” He said, “No, no, no. Before me, who’s your business coach?” and I said, “Well, I haven’t had one in three years.” “Why did you stop having a business coach?” “Because we were shattering goals, and I didn’t think I needed one anymore.”

“Mistake number two David. If you haven’t been able to do it on your own, you’re never going to do it on your own. You need a coach.”

I said, “How about you?” He goes, “No. I told you I would do this one. I don’t have time for this.” But he goes, “Let me refer you to people. You can talk to them. Either of them will be great.” The coach I chose of the two he gave me, I still work with today. How many years we’ve been together, right?

Change The Way You Think And Surround Yourself With People Who Are Better Than You

David Essel: I’ve got a lot of major wake up calls in my life. One of the blessings of surrounding yourself with individuals who are better than you, smarter than you, more successful than you, wiser than you, is that you get a chance to cut short on your mistake-laden life, and jump ahead of the teams by following people who already know what to do.

But, here’s something you have to understand, and this is what I tell all my counseling and coaching clients.

Change The Way You Think And Fully Surrender

David Essel: If you’re not willing to fully surrender to someone else’s program, you are delaying your opportunity for growth. – David Essel

We see a lot of people say, “Oh, okay. I’d like to work with you,” and then when you give them assignments, they go, “Oh, no, no, no. That’s not for me.” And that’s not surrendering.

To Change The Way You Think Is Uncomfortable

David Essel: You need to work with someone and when they ask you to do things that aren’t comfortable, just do it.

David Essel Change The Way You Think Thriving Launch Podcast

Kamala Chambers: I want to back up what you’re saying here because it is the most important thing I’ve ever done for my business. It is getting mentoring, getting support, and taking accountability. That is the biggest thing in podcasting.
But having the accountability is everything, right?

David Essel: Yeah.

Kamala Chambers: It makes it, so we have someone guiding us towards the goal.

I just want to share something that’s important to me that maybe some of you listeners can resonate with.

Change The Way You Think And Be Careful When Choosing A Mentor

Kamala Chambers: I have chosen wrong. I have picked the wrong guidance and the wrong mentoring. The things I found is look out for people who have huge promises or overly hyped things, and they’re not realistic with you up front. I think that’s a huge thing to look for in a mentor.

Also, I don’t mean to get on this level but trust your intuition. Luis and I hired people, and we’re like “Well, I don’t know about this about this person. I’m not sure. It doesn’t feel right.” We’ve lost a lot of time, money, and energy choosing wrong.

But I want to back up what you’re saying about choosing someone.

David Essel: Yeah.

Kamala, I want to throw something else out there. It maybe a little confusing for our audience but it’s something worthwhile to hold onto.

Change the Way You Think About Things That Don’t Feel Good To You

David Essel: Many teachers in the law of attraction say that if something doesn’t feel good, that means you’re off base.  Many times, that’s wrong. Many times, things that don’t feel good or don’t feel comfortable are good for us and our growth.

When I have people come to me, and I work with them on sobriety, well, there are a lot of things you do on sobriety that isn’t comfortable.

If I have people to take our financial freedom course, one of the things we do is we do a comprehensive documentation for 30 days of every penny spent, what it was spent on, and then we break it down into these other categories.

The hundreds of people that have taken the course, I haven’t had anyone say, “Oh my God! I’ve been waiting for this. I’ve been waiting for someone to make me write down every penny and what it’s for.” But, something’s feel uncomfortable, and they don’t feel
right, and they could be the best thing for us.

Now, backing up what you said about intuition.
If you’re working with someone who is condescending, who is holier than thou, who is righteous in their approach, and that doesn’t feel good, then I’ll say, follow your intuition because that isn’t a good match for you.

Change The Way You Think And Be Careful About Shying Away

David Essel: But be careful about shying away, and saying, “Well, I’m not a morning person and this person’s asking me to do something at this time.”

Be careful about what doesn’t feel right that might be perfect for you but crappy to do.

Kamala Chambers:I know that this conversation about the importance of being able to change the way you think could keep going for hours. You have so much to share with the Thriving Launchers, and we’re coming to a close here.

Before we go, I want to ask you. Is there any last gem, take away, or action step you want to leave the Thriving Launchers with that they can apply today about the importance of being able to change the way you think?

Change The Way You Think And Take Action Now

David Essel: I posted something on Facebook today, and it said this, “If I waited to get educated and to get a degree in broadcast journalism to write books, the nine books we have out right now would still be in my head.”

Luis Congdon: I love that.

That’s one of the things here Thriving Launchers is I want to back up today’s conversation with one of my favorite passages from a great book. Religion aside, the Bible is a fantastic book. It has a lot of great quotes in it, and one of the verses I love says, “Show me a man of action, and I will show you a man of faith.”

Change The Way You Think And Take Action To Declare You Have The Faith

Luis Congdon: The lesson from today parallels that because your faith, all your meditations, affirmations, and visualizations will only fully be backed up by your ability to then trust that the universe is supporting you, and go out there, and take the massive action to declare that you have the faith.

If you just have the faith, and you’re waiting and hoping, it’s probably not going to happen.

Another great story straight out of the Bible is the parting of the red sea. Now, you got to trust that you can walk through that sea and that sea is going to stay up for you to walk through.

Change The Way You Think And Trust That The Universe Is Supporting You

Luis Congdon: I encourage you guys to go out there. Thriving Launchers, go out there, believe that the universe is supporting you.

Just like you trust when you’re driving your car that you’re not going to hit somebody, that the car isn’t going to swerve out, or you’re walking down the sidewalk, and you’re trusting that a car isn’t going to hit you. I encourage you to take actions the same way.

If you’ve wanted to write a book or whatever it is, go out and take the steps necessary, and trust that your mentor’s coming to you, the right actions are coming to you.

But, you must first take that first step to say that I trust that my affirmations and my meditation, which is 20%, I am confident that the other 80% will be met through my action.

I leave you guys with that today. Thriving Launchers, go out there and stay thriving.

Thriving Launch by Kamala Chambers and Luis Congdon

Change The Way You Think – David Essel
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Positive Thinking…Are You Still Drinking the Kool Aid? It’s Time to Stop!

Are you still drinking the positive thinking kool aid?

Are You Still Drinking the Positive Thinking Kool Aid?

It’s time to rethink what we have been taught.



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  • Shatter any negative attitude or mindset that has been keeping you back from living at your full potential.
  • Learn how to make the first 30 minutes of every day the powerful breeding grounds for a positive mental attitude.
  • Shake off the subconscious sabotaging thoughts that can get in the way of the most well intended person when trying to create a dynamic new life.
  • Create daily action steps that will actually bring the results you so desire to you…Not mindless activity…But rather action steps that are both meaningful and specific.
  • And finally, learn how to boost your own self-confidence and self-esteem so that you carry this practice forward for the rest of the year.

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Karma? Is it absolute?



Is it possible, that one of the most famous sayings attributed to Buddha, could be incorrect?

For the past 37 years number one best-selling author David Essel has been one of the leaders in sharing the power of positive thought. At least he was up until 1996.

During that year he had some incredible experiences with people like Maharishi mahesh Yogi, and even RAM DASS, that shattered his belief in the simplicity of positive thinking.

Now hold on. This doesn’t mean he’s not a positive thinker, he just believes that so many of the positive statements being passed around the world are rarely based in any form of reality.

Now back to Buddha. One quote that has been attributed to Buddha that may be fairly inaccurate is this quote “you become what you think about all day long”.

Now at first it sounds good. Actually perfect. That if I want to great stuff in my life and I think great thoughts, well according to this quote, I should experience this in my life. .

So if I think that I am a slim and healthy, and use those thoughts all day well it must be my destiny, because according to Buddhas quote, if I focus all day long on being slim and healthy it must come to fruition.

What about money. If the Buddhist statement is correct, if I think about being wealthy all day long, and since what we think about we become, I must be on my way to great wealth.

And this is where David says… Stop the insanity!

For years he studied, deeply studied Buddhism, but in the end this one quote, that is used on social media every day and even in a highly respected personal growth teachers workshops… The reality is not to be seen. As Essel shares in his number one best-selling book, ” POSITIVE THINKING WILL NEVER CHANGE YOUR LIFE …BUT THIS BOOK WILL!, if any major goal in life is achieved via your positive thoughts… That’s called a miracle. But how many people actually become all of these positive affirmations and thoughts they have all day long?

If the statement was true, why do we still have 70% of Americans are overweight or obese?

Now let’s look at the flipside of this statement

If you look at it from the other direction, regarding negative thoughts, well the statement may hold some validity. “We become what we think about all day long” could be very valid when it comes to people who put themselves down all day long… Or say that they’ll never find deep love… Or they’ll never break their addictions… Or you’ll never get out of debt….here Essel says there may be truth in the Buddhist statement.

But he totally disagrees with the concept that you can think about becoming wealthy, or finding your soulmate, or having the perfect body… And if you just put enough time during the day and are thinking about it it must become your reality.

In David’s number one best selling book, he disposes of the myth of positive statements like this, regarding their lack of power, Even when they come from such powerful teachers as Buddha

David recently stated on a nationally syndicated radio show, that he honestly believes if Buddha was in a room with him today, that even the Buddha himself would agree that David is correct.

It’s not so simple to become what we think about. However, if you work your butt off, combined with positive thoughts daily, that’s the formula for success.


David Essel’s 8 Laws to Attract Success

8 laws to attract success

David Essel’s 8 Laws to Attract Success

The “Law of Attraction” excites Americans with dreams coming true, like imagining “checks in the mail “, so that we become millionaires. Or that by having a vision board we will somehow magically attract our soulmate to us. It taps into the emotional side of many people who love to live in this realm of life. But it’s not very realistic.
It’s more “wishful thinking” than anything else.

Let’s think for a moment. If a program offers huge results, with little to no effort, isn’t it time to stop buying into the insanity?

Millions of people have used this technique, yet few will ever find success from ” fantastical affirmations.”

So, where do we go from here?

David has the answer that will help people breakthrough this “wishful thinking” in order to get the real RESULTS they desire.

Inside David’s #1 best-selling book, “Positive thinking will never change your life…but this book will! The myth of positive thinking, the reality of success,” he shares that affirmations are a great way to start the day. But it doesn’t matter how much emotion someone puts behind them, they are never going to radically change anyone’s life, unless it’s a miracle. Enough of the nonsense!

The following information can be used by anyone to create the life they desire. After interviewing David on her national radio show, celebrity host Jenny McCarthy encouraged her millions of listeners to follow the outline in his #1 best selling book. This book is already endorsed by hundreds upon hundreds of people.

In Jenny’s words, “David Essel is the new leader, of the positive thinking movement.”

Below are excerpts from David’s book, which has already been endorsed by six New York Times best selling authors.


Number 1. The ability to be successful lies within everyone. Yes, you can create an incredible income, lose the weight you desire, create deep loving relationships, release addictions and find a pathway to your creator. You have THE RIGHT to be successful, as much anyone else on this earth.

Number 2. Unless it’s a miracle, your thoughts are not powerful enough to create success on their own. Your thoughts will not create “checks in the mail”, weight loss, nor will they attract the perfect lover. We’ve been fed nonsense if we believe these success fallacies. This is crucial to not only understand, but to accept as true.

Number 3. The number one block to success, are the beliefs held deep within the subconscious mind. The role of the subconscious, is to keep you exactly where you are, which is commonly referred to as the “comfort zone of life.” Now, this doesn’t mean that the “comfort zone”, or these subconscious thoughts are healthy. Wherever you are lacking success, we can guarantee that your subconscious thoughts are sabotaging the success you desire.

Number 4. A thought, regardless of how positive it is, cannot change a negative behavior long term. Unless it’s a miracle. You cannot “think, or affirm”, your way out of an addiction, financial hardship or a terrible relationship.

Number 5. The only way to turn the subconscious mind around, from a saboteur to an ally, is to repetitively, on a daily basis, do the action steps you would rather not do. Success demands that we all invest more time, effort and money into our biggest goals. Over time, you can create a subconscious mindset that will continue to push you forward on your path of success.

Number 6. In 37 years of work in the field of personal growth, we have found on average that an individual who is struggling with addiction, weight, finances or their love life… Will have to put approximately 12 months, or 365 days of doing the work they would rather not do, in the area of life they are struggling with, in order to turn the subconscious mind around.

Number 7. Through action steps into the uncomfortable for a 12-month period time, the uncomfortable just becomes who you are. Where in the beginning it was a struggle to lose 100 pounds, at the end of 12 months of changing your diet and exercise habits, the new habits simply become who you are. An effortless part of your life. Success.

Number 8. Affirmations, vision boards, and the like, will be important for only 20% of your success. Regardless of what you’ve been told, statements such as, “what you think about you bring about” are not true. Unless it’s a miracle, 80% of your success will come from your willingness to do the steps you would rather not do on a daily basis. This is the true “secret” of success.

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Don Miguel Ruiz And Dealing With Stress In Life

Don Miguel Ruiz, Author of The 4 Agreements, shared with me his story on dealing with stress in life during one of his most challenging times.

Find out more in this super short video!

About David Essel, M.S.

“David Essel’s destiny is to help you become more alive in every area of your life.” ~ Dr. Wayne W. Dyer


David Essel, Positive Thinking Will NEVER Change Your Life… But This Book Will, motivational speaker, coaching and mentoring career counselor, confidence, how to be confident, relationship questions, best motivational speakers, career path, healthy relationships, best way to lose weight, self confidence, money advice, addict, relationships, career assessment, life advice

David Essel, M.S., for 30 years, has been considered one of the leading experts in the field of personal growth.

He is a #1 Best Selling Author of 9 books, a TV/Radio Host, Master Business, Relationship &

Success Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Addiction Recovery Coach and an All Faiths Minister.

His newest #1 Best selling book is : “Positive Thinking Will NEVER Change Your Life… BUT THIS BOOK WILL! The Myth of Positive Thinking, THE REALITY OF SUCCESS”

Master Business, Relationship, and Success Coach, TV/Radio Host, Author of 9 Books, Inspirational Speaker

David began his career in the health and fitness industry and quickly was named “Mr. Motivation” and “The #1 Life Coach in the USA.” by Lifetime Television and “The Master of Motivation” by American Fitness magazine.

He parlayed this worldwide reputation into the world of athletes and athletics after getting his Master’s Degree in Fitness Management, where his emphasis on sport psychology led him to work as the “Mental Success Counselor” for basketball and tennis players from around the USA.

In 1990, a chance encounter with an athletic client who desired a life free of resentments against her former husband, led him deeply into the world of relationship work, with both singles and couples.

That same year he became one of the first nationally recognized Master Life Coaches in the USA, as his work was featured weekly on national radio and television shows. In 1996 David created Life Coach Universe, a Life Coach Certification organization that has certified individuals wanting to make a difference in this world from across the USA, Spain, Bermuda, and the Cayman Islands.

For 25 years, David’s nationally syndicated radio talk show, ” David Essel Alive!” has been heard via Westwood One , XM Satellite Radio and Premiere Radio/ Clear Channel Communications on iHeart Radio. David now hosts 2 nationally syndicated radio shows heard every Saturday morning and evening.

His national work as a motivational segment reporter and host in television began in 1988 with WWOR-TV, then Fox TV’s “Good Day New York” as well as Lifetime Television’s “The Image Workshop”, and the popular Fox TV show “The Morning Blend”.

David has helped thousands of people from around the world achieve their greatest goals in every area of life. From doubling and even tripling their income, to freedom from addictions, preparation for deep love, getting the body they’ve always wanted, releasing long held negative attitudes, overcoming deep depression and anxiety, overcoming emotional and sexual abuse, changing careers or creating dramatic success as business owners, public speaking, as well as helping couples recover from affairs and creating a deep personal connection with God or one’s higher power. David is a renowned expert in the field of co-dependency, where he has helped thousands of people from around the world shatter the “largest addiction known to man.”

There are no topics or circumstances David has not encountered, and helped people overcome, over the past 30 years.

His mission is to inspire others to reach their own exceptional potential in their business and personal life.

Learn more about David and what he does right here

Positive Thinking

La La Land Mommy: Positive Thinking Will Never Change Your Life…Book Review

Positive Thinking Will Never Change Your Life Book Review From La La Land Mommy:


Positive Thinking Will Never Change Your Life…But This Book Will I am sharing my review of the book . It’s interesting how you never know what you need to hear or read until you either hear it or read it. I have known that I needed to work on a few things in my life. Also kind of knew that I was going about it the wrong way but nothing made it more clear that I needed to change the way I was going about changing things until I read this book.

Positive Thinking Will Never Change Your Life…But This Book Will is by David Essel. He is a life coach, teacher, addiction recovery coach, radio/tv host, and an international speaker. The purpose of him writing this book is to give people a different way of thinking about positive thinking. He shares stories from his celebrity friends, shares his own personal stories, and examples of how people who put in work with a combination of positive thinking are successful. Through out the book he gives you ways to change your subconscious mind and move towards your goals. Plus at the end of each chapter you have questions where you can reflect over what the chapter is about and what you learn. He also asks you what action steps you are going to take. So you start to create a plan to what you are going to change while you are reading.

I created a periscope where I expressed my thoughts about the book and what I learned. It is a little long so I can give a quick recap of my thoughts about the book here but you can watch the video to get a better idea of what I learned. This is a really great book. At a few points in the book I kind of felt like I was sitting in front of him and he was talking directly to me. You know that feeling when you are in church and you feel like the preacher is calling you out. That is exactly how I felt. There are a few things that he talked about that I never would’ve thought applied to me but it does. For example I have co-dependent tendencies. I depend on others to validate me and make me happy. I also depend on my ability to make others happy before I feel I am happy. I would have never came to this conclusion without reading this book. I am very glad that I gave this book a chance because the title is definitely a little off putting. Watch my video to get a full review. If you want to read this book please head over to Amazon and pick it up.

Just Think Positive? Is Positive Thinking Really Just a Myth?

Is Positive Thinking Just a Myth?

“Just think positive.”

That’s a phrase typically used to try to cheer someone up or get you through a difficult situation. It’s also a popular tactic to try to bring success into your life.

Unfortunately, positive thinking does not magically change your experience.

What’s the reality?

In terms of brain chemistry, positive thinking accounts for only 20 percent of the equation.

If you want to create life success, you have to put your nose to the grindstone for the other 80 percent.

It’s not just about being “busy.” You have to implement actionable steps towards any goal. Choose one goal at a time. Write out the steps you need to take on a daily basis… but ones that you’d rather not do.

Not a morning person, but that’s the only time of the day you can dedicate towards your goal (i.e. meditate, exercise, work on your budget)? You have to become a morning person.

Listen in as David Essel, “The Master of Motivation,” joins Andrea and Lisa to explain why positive thinking is really just a myth.

Host: Andrea Donsky, RHN and Lisa Davis, MPH


About David Essel, M.S.

“David Essel’s destiny is to help you become more alive in every area of your life.” ~ Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

 David Essel, M.S., for 30 years, has been considered one of the leading experts in the field of personal growth.

He is a #1 Best Selling Author of 9 books, a TV/Radio Host, Master Business, Relationship & Success Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Addiction Recovery Coach and an All Faiths Minister.

His newest #1 Best selling book is : Positive Thinking Will NEVER Change Your Life… BUT THIS BOOK WILL!
The Myth of Positive Thinking, THE REALITY OF SUCCESS”

Master Business, Relationship, and Success Coach, TV/Radio Host, Author of 9 Books, Inspirational Speaker

David began his career in the health and fitness industry and quickly was named “Mr. Motivation” and “The #1 Life Coach in the USA.” by Lifetime Television and “The Master of Motivation” by American Fitness magazine.


David Essel, Positive Thinking Will Never Change Your Life, But This Book Will!, motivational speaker, coaching and mentoring, how to be confident, relationship questions, career path, self confidence, money advice, executive coaching, what is a life coach, find a life coach, success coach, life coach

Positive Thinking Will Never Change Your Life… But this Book Will

REVIEW OF Positive Thinking Will Never Change Your Life… But this Book Will BY KRYSTA GIBSON of News Spirit Magazine

David Essel, Positive Thinking Will Never Change Your Life, But This Book Will!, motivational speaker, coaching and mentoring, how to be confident, relationship questions, career path, self confidence, money advice

There’s a saying from Ernest Holmes, the founder of the Centers for Spiritual Living (formerly known as Religious Science): “When you treat, move your feet.” This means that when we use tools such as positive thinking, spiritual mind treatment, vision boards, affirmations, or visualizing, we also must take action in the material world. This is the message of this book.

Essel is not against positive thinking nor is he against any of the other wonderful manifestation tools that exist. His point, so well made in the book, is that none of those things work unless you do. He presents a wonderful case that explains how to make these valuable techniques part of what you do to attain your goals, but only a part.

Reaching our goals, he teaches, involves having an action plan and following that plan while having the support of a coach, counselor, or group that will hold us accountable for our behaviors. He shares the writings of people like Gregg Braden, Diane Collins, Eldon Taylor, Dr. Joe Vitale, Mark Victor Hansen and others who are well-known for their work in the human potential field. All of them underscore the message shared in this book. Positive thinking is great, even necessary, but it won’t take you all the way to your goals on its own.

If you’ve attended seminars and classes, read books and listened to audio programs and are still not reaching your goals, get this book. It will help you understand why these tools aren’t working for you and what to do about it. The only thing you have to lose is magical thinking and what you can gain is the accomplishment of your goals and dreams.

Positive Thinking Will Never Change Your Life But This Book Will: The Myth of Positive Thinking, The Reality of Success

David Essel combines his 30 years of work in the field of personal growth along with stories from some of the top authors and success experts of our day, to shatter “the myth of the power of positive thinking.” David reveals that the real “Secret to success” requires much more than positive thinking, affirmations or vision boards, and that no one ever made a milion dollars, got the perfect body or found their soulmate through positive thinking alone. There is a place beyond wishful thinking and fantastical affirmations. Let David take you there!
David Essel, M.S. is the author of 9 books, a Master Life Coach and Teacher, Business, Relationship and Addiction Recovery Coach, International Speaker and Radio/TV Host. From athlete to poet, he has been labeled a “21st century renaissance man”.