The Key to Long-Term Weight Loss? It may have very little to do with what you eat and how you exercise.

The key to long-term weight loss? It may have very little to do with what you eat and how you exercise.

Weight Loss – With 70% of Americans overweight and/or obese, it’s an absolute epidemic that is costing us millions upon millions of dollars every year from the diseases related to this lifestyle choice.

And it is a choice. According to many studies, including one from the University of Florida, only about 6% of people who are overweight or obese have any genetic link at all.

So what is the real problem here?

For 28 years, number one best-selling author, counselor and life coach David Essel has helped thousands of people to lose weight and keep it off through his unique weight-loss program that focuses on something much more important in his view than all the emphasis put on exercise and diet.

Here, in David’s words, is the most important component of long term weight loss.

“I remember in 1990, 28 years ago, working with my first individual who desired to lose over 50 pounds… And who had been up to over 100 pounds overweight for most of her life.

She had hired the best personal trainers, she had hired the best nutritionists, and they had outlined incredibly effective exercise and dietary programs that she would follow for a short period of time. But could never stick with it.

So she came to me because she had seen me on the covers of fitness magazines, had read multiple articles I had written on how to stay in shape regardless of how busy your schedule was, and was perplexed as to why she couldn’t keep the weight off even once she lost it.
As we worked together, and I examined her food intake and exercise sessions every day, I came to an early conclusion in my career: the real issue with self sabotage, which is what people who lose weight and gain it back are doing, is not necessarily with what’s going on the physical world but rather what’s going on in the subconscious mind.

And what do I mean by that? The conscious mind is the mind that says I want to lose 50 pounds this year. Or 200 pounds. The conscious mind is the mind of intent that shows up at the gym religiously, or maybe never, in our attempt to get into shape.

The conscious mind is also the mind that looks for the quick fix products, some type of herbal pill that guarantees you’re going to lose 30 pounds in 30 days. But the real key to uncovering the secret to long-term weight loss has to do with the other side of our mind, the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind can be our greatest ally or greatest foe. In the world of weight loss issues, it’s the subconscious mind that is the saboteur.

Let me explain. The subconscious mind  has one function in life and that is to keep us exactly where we are today. It does not differentiate between habits that are good or habits that are not good for us. All it wants us to do is stay where we are. It’s called “the known.” And the subconscious mind will fight like hell in order to keep us in the same pattern we are today whether it’s healthy or not healthy.

So to the person that’s overweight that cannot bypass a fast food joint on the way home from work, that’s not the conscious mind. Remember what the conscious mind said? “I really am going to lose the weight once for all this time. I am going to lose 50 pounds and keep it off.“

If it was the conscious mind the internal dialogue would look like this, “I know that I want to lose 50 pounds, but I’m going to consciously sabotage myself, pull into this fast food joint, eat a bunch of crap foods so I look like shit, and then I’ll drive out.“

So obviously in 99% of the cases of people who want to lose weight  it’s not the conscious mind making decisions but rather the subconscious mind.

It’s the subconscious mind, remember subconscious equals underneath consciousness, that is sending these little habitual messages… “You deserve to go to this fast food joint, you worked really hard, when you get home the kids are going to be a mess, and you can’t stand your husband or wife.“

So the subconscious mind keeps sending these little messages that we deserve this reward of food, or maybe later in the evening when you’re exhausted and you’re going to go to bed and you look back at the day realize that you have not eaten dinner, so you deserve something special right now.
Have you recognized any of these messages in your own mind?
The three greatest tools the subconscious mind uses to sabotage weight-loss programs is justification, rationalization and denial. We will justify until the cows come home as to why it’s OK to not eat clean today. We will rationalize that today, instead of going to the gym, we’re going to go home and relax but tomorrow will do twice as many minutes on the treadmill. Or we will use denial, and look around and say “you know I’m not really that overweight compared to everyone else in this room, I’m just gonna relax and learn to accept my body as it is today.“
Do you see how tenacious the subconscious mind is? Once it has accepted a pattern of thought and or behavior, especially when it comes to dealing with stress like boredom, resentment, shame, guilt, anger, rage… I think you get the picture, it will fight like hell to keep us in the same patterns whether they are healthy or unhealthy for us.
On the flipside, once you train the subconscious mind to start using healthy coping skills instead of eating food, instead of making excuses of why today you can’t exercise, and you keep at these new coping skills long enough, the subconscious mind can be radically turned around so that you will lose the weight and keep it off for the rest of your life.
I remember number of years ago working with one of my clients Tracy who wanted to lose 80 pounds, and she really needed to lose 80 pounds. Her health is suffering, her self-confidence and self-esteem was at the bottom of the barrel, she was always tired, and she knew something had to change.
Within eight weeks of tapping in to all of the self sabotaging words of her subconscious mind, and writing on them on paper, she was blown away at how many messages a day she was telling herself that was knocking her off track of her weight loss goals.

As I tell all my clients, it’s going to take willpower yes, determination yes, and a recording of every emotion that you’re feeling throughout the day that leads to self sabotaging behavior in order to turn the subconscious around.

Within 10 week she had lost 30 pounds, within a year she had lost 80 pounds, that was 10 years ago and she has never regained 1 ounce.

Did she have to sacrifice her comfort zone in order to achieve this goal? Hell yes. The only time she could get to the gym was 10 PM every evening, and once she did that without missing a day for about 90 days it had sunk into her subconscious mind that there were no other options… That from 10 PM until 11 PM every evening she was going to be in the gym.

I asked her to start packing food for her trips in the car, because she was in the car about eight hours a day going from one job to another, picking up kids from school, the normal things that many moms have to do. So instead of the knee-jerk subconscious reaction of pulling into a fast food joint when she had a healthy food in the car she had no excuses.

90 days later? Fast food experiences were thing of her past.

Tracy is one of thousands of people that we have helped turn their life around in regards to losing weight and keeping it off, once they access the negative, and eventually the positive side of the subconscious mind. You can do the same thing. You need to make a decision today. The odds are you’ll never do it on your own, so get ready to invest more time, effort and money into your weight loss, to increase your self-esteem and confidence and decrease some of the major diseases known to man that are going to catch up with you down the road.“
David Essel is verified by psychology today as one of the top counselors and life coaches in the USA, and is also a verified relationship expert via week, David accepts new clients from around the world where he works with them one on one via phone and/or Skype. Go to the website below, under the contact us button, send us an email noting where you read this article and David’s office will set you up with a free 15 minute phone counseling session at

Healing Stories: A 240 Pound Weight Loss?

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Healing Stories: A 240 Pound Weight Loss?

Imagine this. You’re 240 pounds overweight… and suffering. Mentally. Physically. And maybe even spiritually.

You know you have to do something about your situation but where do you begin? Go to the gym? Are you kidding me? Looking like this?

You know the long-term consequences are terrible. Every disease known to man increases for the person carrying this much weight.

And then the day comes that you face your greatest fears. In a wheelchair you’re pushed into a gym. Will the transformation begin today? Can you really do this?

Number one best-selling author, counselor, life coach and radio host, David Essel, has had the opportunity to interview thousands of people over the past 27 years… And one of the most impactful and empowering individuals David has ever interviewed is Evelyn Keiling

Evelyn is a warrior. A spiritual warrior. A physical warrior. A mental warrior. And an inspiration for millions of people around the world.

David loves Evelyn and the story she brings. Her perseverance. Her persistence.

And what about you? Whatever our mountain is to carry, whatever our goal is to achieve, are we willing to be like Evelyn Keiling and do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to make it happen?

Here it is in David’s words.

“I was introduced to Evelyn a number of years ago when I heard her story about losing 240 pounds! That’s two people she lost! I had to have her on my national radio show. And the interview was more powerful than I could ever believe.

She began by answering the question “do you think you’re weight gain is based on genetics?” She laughed and said no. My weight gain was based on me. As it is for most people who are overweight, genetics plays a very tiny part of the percentage of people who are overweight and or obese.

Evelyn made up her mind one day that she was going to change. And she did the hard work. Radically changing her diet, going on a nutritional cleanse, and beginning her exercise program. Not once during the interview did she ever say that the beginning years were easy. But she did say it was worth it.

While she was doing her nutritional cleanse she found out what it meant to eat a clean healthy diet. Lean protein. Vegetables. Fruit. Complex carbohydrates. She researched everything imaginable in the world and began going into the gym. Can you imagine walking into the gym 240 pounds overweight? Or let me correct myself, being wheeled in a wheelchair into the gym 240 pounds overweight?

This is why I call my friend Evelyn Keiling a major warrior. Nothing would get in her way to accomplish the goals that she had in mind. Here’s some more fascinating statistics about Evelyn. She did this in her late 40s early 50s. Not only that, she went a step further and in her 50s became a bodybuilder!

And along the way here’s an important part of Evelyn story. She didn’t do it alone. She had a support team. She hired individuals to motivate her, inspire her, and teach her the new way of living that she had to adapt and adopt immediately if she wanted to live.

And the story gets better. What?  The story can get better? Hell yes. She ends up walking on stage in a body transformation competition in Las Vegas in front of 15,000 screaming fans. Everything came to this point and the reward was amazing.

But wait! The story doesn’t stop here! What she learned in her body transformation was going to be needed last year when she was diagnosed with cancer. She used the same warrior mentality to face head on a disease that is brutal. And she’s winning.

I love Evelyn Keiling because of what she represents to all of us. She is our hope. She is a role model. I want you to take your goals as serious as Evelyn does, for you to walk away at the top of the mountain.”

In his 27 years as a counselor and a life coach, David Essel has been involved with many people like Evelyn Keiling. Individuals who at first didn’t think their massive goal of recovery, or weight loss, or saving a marriage after an affair, or tripling their income, or becoming an entrepreneur later in life could ever be achieved. But he’s walked hand-in-hand with all these people up the mountain to massive success.

You can do this too, even if you don’t believe it today. But you’ll need a counselor, coach, personal trainer, minister, financial expert… You’ll need a team around you in order to achieve massive goals. You’ll need to invest more time, effort and money… And it will be so worth it!

Never give up on yourself. Go now.

To contact David so that he can help you achieve any goal in life simply visit his website

David’s work is endorsed by individuals like celebrity Jenny McCarthy, Deepak Chopra, the late Wayne Dyer, Mark Victor Hansen and more.

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There are more and more theories coming out yearly about the cause of weight gain.
Here is the TRUTH!

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About David Essel, M.S.

“David Essel’s destiny is to help you become more alive in every area of your life.” ~ Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Weight Gain...What is the "Real Cause"?

David Essel, M.S., for 30 years, has been considered one of the leading experts in the field of personal growth.

He is a #1 Best Selling Author of 9 books, a TV/Radio Host, Master Business, Relationship &

Success Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Addiction Recovery Coach and an All Faiths Minister.

His newest #1 Best selling book is : “Positive Thinking Will NEVER Change Your Life… BUT THIS BOOK WILL! The Myth of Positive Thinking, THE REALITY OF SUCCESS”

Master Business, Relationship, and Success Coach, TV/Radio Host, Author of 9 Books, Inspirational Speaker

David began his career in the health and fitness industry and quickly was named “Mr. Motivation” and “The #1 Life Coach in the USA.” by Lifetime Television and “The Master of Motivation” by American Fitness magazine.

He parlayed this worldwide reputation into the world of athletes and athletics after getting his Master’s Degree in Fitness Management, where his emphasis on sport psychology led him to work as the “Mental Success Counselor” for basketball and tennis players from around the USA.

In 1990, a chance encounter with an athletic client who desired a life free of resentments against her former husband, led him deeply into the world of relationship work, with both singles and couples.

That same year he became one of the first nationally recognized Master Life Coaches in the USA, as his work was featured weekly on national radio and television shows. In 1996 David created Life Coach Universe, a Life Coach Certification organization that has certified individuals wanting to make a difference in this world from across the USA, Spain, Bermuda, and the Cayman Islands.

For 25 years, David’s nationally syndicated radio talk show, ” David Essel Alive!” has been heard via Westwood One , XM Satellite Radio and Premiere Radio/ Clear Channel Communications on iHeart Radio. David now hosts 2 nationally syndicated radio shows heard every Saturday morning and evening.

His national work as a motivational segment reporter and host in television began in 1988 with WWOR-TV, then Fox TV’s “Good Day New York” as well as Lifetime Television’s “The Image Workshop”, and the popular Fox TV show “The Morning Blend”.

David has helped thousands of people from around the world achieve their greatest goals in every area of life. From doubling and even tripling their income, to freedom from addictions, preparation for deep love, getting the body they’ve always wanted, releasing long held negative attitudes, overcoming deep depression and anxiety, overcoming emotional and sexual abuse, changing careers or creating dramatic success as business owners, public speaking, as well as helping couples recover from affairs and creating a deep personal connection with God or one’s higher power. David is a renowned expert in the field of co-dependency, where he has helped thousands of people from around the world shatter the “largest addiction known to man.”

There are no topics or circumstances David has not encountered, and helped people overcome, over the past 30 years.

His mission is to inspire others to reach their own exceptional potential in their business and personal life.

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David Essel, Microphone, Positive Thinking Will NEVER Change Your Life… But This Book Will,

Can Affirmations Create Weight Loss?


Positive thinking is powerful, but can the right affirmation actually help you lose weight?

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About David Essel

David Essel, M.S. is an Author, National Radio and Television Host, Master Life, Business and Relationship Coach, Adjunct Professor, All Faiths Minister, Addiction Recovery Coach and International Speaker. His mission is to inspire others to reach their own exceptional potential in their business and personal life. His purely positive national radio show of 23 years, “David Essel Alive!,” is heard on iHeart Radio every Saturday from 6-9pm EST. David’s professional presentations on how to lead a passionate and inspiring life have drawn rave reviews from corporations such as Chicos, Nestlé, and Boeing, media outlets such as FOX and Premiere/Clear Channel Radio, as well as non-profit organizations like the March of Dimes and Unity Church. David Essel offers coaching and group sessions via phone to anywhere in the world. For more information call (941) 266-7676 or visit




The top 2 reasons we struggle with weight, and what to do about it.

There is no reason at all why 60-70% of Americans are overweight or obese.

Or is there?

As a matter of fact, over the past 30 years as a national radio and television host, master life coach and speaker, I have seen thousands of people radically change their bodies for good, once they realized the main reasons behind there challenges with excess weight.

As a start, watch the short video here, then let’s make a determined effort to do whatever we have to, to lose this extra weight for good.

It is possible.