Join David as he explores a radical new approach to both personal and business success through his theory that at any one given time in life there is only ONE change that we need to make to rocket ourselves to the next level. Through testimonials derived from his business speaking as well as life coaching clients, David will prove once and for all that to be truly successful we need to attack life at its core. Participants will discover: 1) how to find the “one” most important issue in their business life to become more successful; 2) how to find the “one” most important issue in their personal life to become more successful; 3) how to change our beliefs that have been centered around the notion that there are many things to change in our life today to become more successful. A specific action plan will describe how to change life today.

“I can’t recommend David highly enough as a keynote speaker. His energy and passion are infectious, and his message to our scholarship winners and donors was timely and inspiring. David hit just the right note with his presentation and exceeded all my expectations!”
~Anne Douglas, Director of Programs
Southwest Florida Community Foundation